Sunday, June 05, 2005

Work at home advice....

>Looking for work I can do at home. Pretty good on a computer.   Lots of free time.<<

I have always said that the fastest way to make money is to find a need and fill it!  Or do you have a "dream" job?  Is there something that you like to do like hobbies, interests and the like that you could turn into a business?  You can even take something that you hate and turn that into a business.  One business example that I gave was how one could take their hate of washing dishes and turn that into a business by starting a newsletter - you could hold contests, post polls but where you would make your money would be the advertisers wanting to advertise.

Just think of how you want to earn your income.  Is it sitting in front of the computer typing away?  What kinds of programs do you have installed on your computer?  Turn one of those into a business.

Since you have computer experience offer to be the neighborhood "Ebayer" and start an auction using a website - where others will pay to list their items.  In fact you might want to think about selling things on Ebay yourself - lots of people are making a living this way.

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