Saturday, April 25, 2009

Using Your Talent!

Maybe you may find it hard to believe, you may have "talents" that you don't think that you could possibly use to start a business of your own.

Currently I am editing my Frappr site. Frappr is a site where you can create a map of almost anything that you like. My current Frappr map is for where I live - LaMott, Pa!

The map was originally for my LaMott Radio Internet Station but that is temporarily down now. However there is still the LaMott Podcast that I have!

I have a background in radio broadcasting so having both an Internet Radio station AND a podcast is quite fun for me - even though it is a bit of work doing the production for it.

I mention this because it occurred to me that this is a special talent / skill that I have that I can put to good use. And it also occurred to me that since I have a "Working From Home" blog that I should post about it here because this is a skill that you can use to work from home. Not everyone has this specific type of skill but you may have a skill or talent of your own that you can put to good use and make it profitable for yourself!

With both the Internet radio station and the podcast I can generate income from sponsorship and advertisements. I'm also thinking about my local community center where I can post flyers and even a newsletter that I can create relating to both the podcast and the Internet radio station - which would generate more interest and hopefully more revenue!

If you're asking what this may have to do with you it is quite simple! Do you have a talent or skill that you can turn into a profitable business? The answer is probably "Yes" but you may not think that you have any kind of talent or skill that you can turn into a business.

One of the favorite things that I like to mention on my Dream Job Consultation page is the fact that you could even turn something that you hate into a profitable business of your own! My most favorite example of this is the whole subject of washing dishes. Now you may hate washing dishes - but guess what? - you are not alone! What about starting your own "I HATE WASHING DISHES" club?

How would you start it? How about starting with a free blog where you don't have to pay anything to have the blog and you start posting about your experiences relating to washing dishes - which you hate to do? You could add pictures regarding it and continue to post about your experiences. If you promote your blog (or website) you will start to get visitors and hopefully even a few of those visitors will start posting comments to your site. You can mention that you are starting a club about it and hopefully you will get people interested enough to join. You can decide whether or not you want to charge a fee or not - but the main point is to just get started to get started getting more interest to your site.

To start earning money you can add Google's Adsense program to your site so that you can have ads on your site where you earn money when visitors to your site click on the ads.

Promote your site, get more traffic and more visitors and optimize your site for the search engines so that even more people will find it!

The more traffic that you generate the more interesting and appealing you will look to potential advertisers! You may even get advertisers who will want to advertise on your site directly instead of going through a third party and that will mean even MORE money for you!

To start to make even more money start writing reviews of the different products that you use relating to washing the dishes. Companies are always interested in what people think of their products! You may even get comments and suggestions from other consumers who are using the same product and that will even bring more interest - and hopefully more traffic to your site - thus making it more popular!

There are so many additional things that can be added to this!

You could start a podcast of reviews. Just think about it. Listen to a local radio station or tv show and notice the advertising and the kinds of ads that are appearing! That could be YOU if you had your own podcast because it would be like having a show of your own!

Now maybe there is something else that you do or don't like that you could turn into a business - but hopefully you are getting my point here!

If you don't think that you have any special talents or skills just think about what you do in the course of a day! Look around you. Do you collect something, have a special hobby or special interest? You may be able to turn that into a profitable business of your own!

Please think about it and give it some thought!

So many people are being laid off from their jobs and they are having a hard time finding another one. But being able to do something profitable in the meantime can surely do more harm than good!

If you would like to comment about your special interests, skills, etc so that you can receive some feedback, then please post your comments here.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are You Good At Designing Blog Templates?

Because if you are you may have a good career ahead of you!

Hi Everybody! I have a BX Error Code Blog and just in case you are wondering....bx error codes are what bloggers are getting when they are trying to work on their blogs that they have at

Some of these bx error codes have to do with bloggers having problems uploading and using new blog templates that they have found online.

BUT there are also a number of people asking around about having a blog template designed specifically for them and that is what made me think of this blog.

If you are good at designing blog templates then this is something that you should definitely be looking into. There certainly seems to be a need for this kind of service.

You can check out the posts about people asking about how they can get customized blog templates designed specifically for them by clicking here.

This is definitely a kind of service that you can provide from working from your home!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Work From Home? Are They All Scams?

Of course not!

I work from home and so do many other people!

It's the KIND of work that you are looking for that may be the problem!

I once mentioned about a business that one could start from their home looking at all the sex sites that are online because let's face it - sex sells!

People have come up with all kinds of ways to use the Internet to help make money for them. And just in case you missed the last few times that I have mentioned Google's Adsense program, let me remind you again that this is a program where you add ads to your website or blog and you earn money when visitors to your site click on those ads. I use Adsense and so far I have been getting a monthly payment from them for the past two years! Any income is welcomed! My adsense earnings have allowed for me to pay for some of my Internet access and even some of my regular monthly bills as well and like I posted above ANY income is welcomed!

On the side of this blog I offer an ebooklet listing the names of some companies that are hiring people to work from their homes! These are legitimate companies that are hiring people to work from their homes and there ARE legitimate companies that are hiring people to work from their homes. You just have to be able to know which ones are the RIGHT companies that are hiring people to work from home! Which leads me to a very interesting newstory that I was watching on TV the other day about people who were looking for ways to work from home. They found some online sites where some of them posted their resumes and / or they answered what looked to be legitimate ads looking to hire people to work from home. The problem was that these so-called businesses were sending checks to people and telling them to cash them and send some of the money elsewhere and when people deposited these checks into their bank accounts the checks turned out to be fraudulent and the people ended up having to make those checks good out of their own money!

Unfortunately I can see where people might get taken in for this kind of thing because their need for money is so great! (And what makes the story even more worse is that a lot of these companies turned out to be from Nigeria where a lot of scams are coming from!)

So how does find a legitimate way to work from home? Well if you're looking for a company that you can work from home for you are going to have to do some research! You are going to have to find the legitimate companies that you can work from home for and that is going to require that you do some work to seek them out and find them - But believe me they are out there!

Another solution is for you to work for yourself! What is is that you love to do?

I was watching a very interesting program about people who design wedding dresses and ALL of them loved what they were doing. One woman who started her own design business made $30 Million Dollars last year and when she started she didn't even know how to sew!

This seems to be a re-occuring theme when watching about people who have started their own successful businesses - they love what they do!

So I ask you again - What is it that you love to do?