Monday, June 20, 2005

I've Got A Secret! - A New Grant Has Been Announced! - By The IRS!

Now how ironic is That!  I got the information from their own website!  The program won't start until the 2006 tax season which is really after the 2006 year ends - since that's the period of time that is the official 2006 tax season.

Basically if you are providing (or want to provide) tax preparation assistance to low-incomed and/or those who use English as a 2nd language you are eligible for the grant.

Oh, I forgot to mention how much the grant award is - $100,00!

Here is an excerpt from their page:

Grant funds may be awarded for start-up expenditures incurred by new clinics during the 2006 grant cycle."

A grant provided by the IRS!  How ironic is THAT!

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