Sunday, June 12, 2005

Help! - Funding for College Student!

I am in search of information on getting last minute funds for college.
My sister is a single parent who needs money for her son's college tution.
My sister is a hard working saleswomen who was expecting a large
commission check that never came.  Now she is struggling to pay tution for
her son.  He is already in college but may be coming home soon if we don't
find $$$. Does anyone know of a source to get college tution??

Unfortunately when dealing with scholarships and funding the process is never very fast.  The first place you should look is to the college itself.  They should have information on related funding sources.  If not there are a number of funding resources for college students in a variety of subjects.  In fact there is much less stigma attached to funding resources for education.  Even the government may have something available depending on the student's course of study.  If it is in a field where they need more people you can pretty much find at least one foundation that gives scholarships for it.  Even if there isn't a big need there is more than likely a foundation that is offering a scholarship relating to the course that the student is taking.

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