Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Grant Basics 101 - A Grant Cannot Be Guarenteed!

The one thing that you have to understand about getting a grant is that there is a process involved.  Once you find a grant that you are eligible or qualify for you submit either your proposal and/or application.  Once submitted it will be reviewed and the one(s) chosen for the grant awards are more than likely those that best meets the objective(s) of the entity who awards the grants.

Playing Devil's advocate here you would have to see each and every proposal or application that was submitted and then compare them to yours and then if you see one that you think was better written than yours or better meets the objective of the grant (better than yours) then you would have to go back and rewrite your submission to make it better than theirs. 

Submissions are not open to the public although I have seen a few articles where people who have applied for grants didn't like that they weren't chosen and have decided to have the whole thing investigated or appealed or reviewed.  That's why some of the entities that award grants have a "no-appeal" stipulation.

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