Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do You Have A Paypal Account?

I got excited when my brother told me that he signed up for Paypal! I got excited for him because that meant that he now has another way to get income. But he doesn't see it that way. When he told me that he was signing up for paypal my thoughts thought of him getting "big-time" money. How? Well he is very knowledgeable about computers. He doesn't just know about computer programs but he also has a whole lot of experience at fixing them.

He said to me that the reason that he was signing up for paypal was for his ebay transactions and that was the only reason for him.

He explained to me that since he does fix computers his customers / clients would have to be of a "local" nature. Now I do agree that it would be quite cumbersome to have clients hundreds of miles away who want their computer fixed but he is not seeing it like I'm seeing it.

He could set himself up as a consultant and / or expert and answer people's questions about computers and be paid a fee for it - hence having the paypal account. There are so many consultants and experts who are doing exactly this very thing! Again - he doesn't see it that way.

I won't give up on trying to convince him though because this is a very great opportunity for him! He just can't see it yet!

If you have a paypal account you should seriously consider using it to get paid yourself. Almost everyone has an area of expertise and you should let that work for you. If you're having doubts about being able to accomplish this kind of thing then you should take a look at some of the websites that are doing this very same thing!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Your Sign Here"

Since I am a 3D Beginner, I am a member of which is a site for graphic artists (and even webdesign artists) of all kinds. I was looking throught their "free stuff" and saw a picture similar to the one above. (I couldn't use their actual photo without permission so that's why I didn't post it here - I made one of my own)

What came to my mind is that advertisers are ALWAYS looking for a place to advertise and why not online. I have read that online advertising is popular and becoming more and more popular!

Offline I remember I was watching a movie yesterday and during one of the scenes - which was a chase scene - I saw this great big Pepsi truck and I just knew that Pepsi paid a lot of money to have a truck with their logo in the movie! I have read about this type of thing in the newspaper - companies paying big bucks to advertise their products in the movies!

Online there have been people who have auctioned off theirself as advertising displays on Ebay! For instance one guy auctioned off his forehead as advertising space and he got over $37,000! for his efforts! The winning bid for advertising on his forehead was over $37,000 and the winning bidder was a company that makes some sort of snoring-related product.

If you're into graphics of any kind you could simply put a graphic such as this on your website as an invitation for advertisers who might want to advertise on your site!

Constructing the above graphic took me all of 5 minutes and that's not even including other kinds of ways that I could have enhanced the above graphic. I could have made the graphic animated, given it different kinds of colors and just so many other different kinds of ways that I could make it look more better.

Of course you would need a website but if you already have one then you could start there. If you don't have a website you can get one free because there are a lot of free webhosting sites that are out there. The reason why they are free?

Because they accept advertising!

I hope you are getting the hint here! That hint being that if other sites can solicit for advertisers - why can't you do the same thing?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Relocation" Astrology

Now I myself do astrology readings but this is the first time that I have heard the term "relocation" astrology.

A relocation astrologer will help people by composing astrological charts for different locations to find a location that charts good results. I was just reading an article about one such astrologer who has a good client base and they work with online clients.

This is just yet another example of successfully being able to work online and have online clients. The astrologer mentioned that they loved doing this kind of work which is also a good example of taking something that one loves and turning it into a business.

If you think your own "work at home" idea may sound silly or impossible then don't forget this post.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Well I am just all over the internet today! I'm visiting blogs and reading newsgroup threads...............posting to my AOL Journal.....and so on................

One of the things that I am currently working on is one of my podcasts for my local area.

This podcast of mine is relatively new and I'm still learning it. However I have some things already included on it so far. I have a public service announcement that I produced about my area's local firehouse. There are also a couple of other public service announcements that I got online and added to my podcast as well. I'm also working on adding music to my podcast but here is where you have to be careful! Unlike Live365 where you can add any music, my podcast's host doesn't allow just any type of music to be added - it has to do with copyright issues. But there is a site where you can download certain music and add it to your podcast.

I'm treating this podcast like my own little radio community talk show! It's like having your own talk show and being the host of your very own talk show!

Just think of the things that YOU could do with your very own talk show! Money and income-wise you could get advertsing and sponsorship for your show and since its YOUR show - you have control over what goes into it!

Now you may be thinking that it might just be too hard to produce and have your own podcast but to that I say just think of the possibilities that you could do!

My podcast (so far) consists of me recording to my computer and simply uploading the file to my podcast host site.

If you have had a chance to listen to podcasts on the Internet then you know that there is a whole lot of possibilites there!

So far hosting my podcast is not costing me a thing - except for my Internet access. And since I'm doing my income taxes now and having to report my Adsense income its also making me think of the possibilities of adding my podcast(s) as part of my self-employment business. When I do so there will be a lot of deductions that I will be able to take as part of this business!

So really think about starting your own podcast!

Friday, March 07, 2008

It's Time To Take A Little Bit Of Mystery Out Of The "Business Plan"!

One of the services that I provide for clients are customized / personalized business plans. However you don't really need to have someone create your business plan for you because you can do it yourself!

Basically speaking a business plan is simply a plan for your business. You can find websites that are online that have templates of business plans that you can download for free and adapt to the kind of business that you want to start.

You can even start your businessplan on your own by getting a blank piece of paper. At the top just write down the kind of business that you want to start. Then figure out how much you would have to make monthly in order to make a profit. Also list your expenses - and you don't have to know all of this right away because no business plan has to be absolute - you can change it as you go along.

Once you know what your expenses will be and how much you will have to make to make a profit you can go on from there.

Like I said before a business plan is a plan for your business and you will / can include both your expenses and income on it. Then you can add things like advertising costs and the other expenses that come with owning and operating a business.

There are quite a few businessplan software out there and there are probably some free ones that you can download for free. And again don't forget about the websites that are out there that have free business plan templates that you can download for free and adapt to your own business.

I have a business plan software that I use for my clients and it was "kinda" free because it came with my computer.

So if not having a business plan is holding you back just get on the internet and start searching.