Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Webcam - Having Fun With My Webcam!

Yes, I have had a webcam for quite some time. It's a small Logitech webcam and it only reaches so far. I can position it to span around my room or to look out the window. My webcam page is at:

Here is a picture of my cat:

As far as my webcam page goes I still haven't got the streamlining part right - I think its because of my AOL access - but I'm still working on it. I'd love to be able to streamline myself live when I'm on the Internet. I can do it fine when I'm using Yahoo Messenger but I haven't been able to do it with AOL unless I do it the very slow and complicated way of manually taking the picture and then uploading each new picture to my webspace but that way is so slow and so time consuming.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My 3D entry was accepted at Renderosity! - Yeah!

I finally took the time to just have fun with one of my 3D programs and submit an entry to one of Renderosity's Contests. The theme of the contest is "In Your Element" and my submission was a seascape scene because I would love to live near the ocean! That's my element!

Monday, December 20, 2004

"Dreams" and a business plan for them?

So it got me to thinking if a business could be started using one's dreams? Of course the answer is yes but the hard part is specifically how?


If Victoria's Secret can make a living on the edge of 'clean' then anyone can! My concern with your idea would be how would you go about nailing down a business plan. It seems that the connection between the two would have to be dependant on the specific dream of the person involved which would leave you with a very individualized (& expensive) way of manipulating that dream into some form of reality based business.

A one night dress rental would help your social gathering if partnered with a hair stylist and perhaps a health farm/spa business - get ready in a day for the big event. Classes in seduction, make up, flirting etc might also be possible????

Just some thoughts to add onto your own. Good luck!

Thank you for your email

I'm sorry but I don't agree and I know for a fact that you are wrong. A business plan can be made for any type of career - I should know because that is what I do for a living! The connection between the dream and the business plan would depend on what aspect of the dream that you want to turn into a business.

Using your own example above regarding Victoria's Secret - it has to do with the illusions of romance which is a popular market for women (and men too if it is "spun" right). Remember when it all comes down a business plan is a piece of paper with the plans for your business. Simply writing down a business plan is not expensive at all - all you need is some paper and a pencil. The implementation of the plans need not be expensive (at least at the start). There are examples galore of those that have started their own business with little money. And indeed a lot of people don't have a lot of money to start their own business but what they do have is desire. That is enough to get anybody started. What you lack in money you make up for with your time and effort.

I think the point that you are missing is that there are ways used to advertise, promote and market one's business using as less amount of money as possible. The problem seems to be that people just don't know what those ways are or think that it can't be done. I know for a fact that they can. I use them myself and I include them in the business plans that I create for others.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Got the munchies!

I have been snacking while I'm typing at the computer screen. Right now I'm crunching on pork skins. So I have got a bad case of the munchies right now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

XXX-Using your webcam to help you make money.

Yes you can start your own business using your webcam. The obvious ones are using them to show pictures of yourself. You could even start a service where you take requests - for a price of course.

If you have a webcam they are not all that hard to make use of. Streamlining video on your own webpage is a bit more complicated but its not impossible. Others are doing the exact same thing using their own websites.

While this is something that not everyone will want to do it sure is something to consider if you like showing yourself off on the Internet.

Comments Received

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posted By Anonymous on XXX-Using your webcam to help you make money.

If you would like to advertise on this blog post or this blog just click here

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Computer Advice #1 - BACK UP YOUR FILES!

I'm still relatively new to rss feeds and news feeds but just yesterday I lost all my news feed links to the blogs that I subscribe to. So now I have to get them back! I had about 20 of them but now I have to remember what they were so that I can re-enter their links.

So let this be a lesson to you - BACK UP YOUR FILES!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Creating and selling your ebook!

I was wondering if anyone has experience with making e-books? Would you share your help on this subject? Also does anyone have any help they would offer using Adobe Acrobat to make an e-book? You can e-mail me off line if you would like. I have gone to the Acrobat website trying to find information on this subject, but that is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you know what I mean? Please any help I sure would appreciate.

You do not need to have Adobe Acrobat to create and distribute your ebook. Sure the program is popular but you don't HAVE to have it or use it. You are just making this too complicated.

Basic theory behind an ebook is this - You write the book and then you sell the book. Theoretically speaking you can write (type) the book using notepad! I have seen many sites sell their ebook in notepad form. The business plans that I make for people can be considered something similar to an ebook in that they are deliverable by electronic means but they can also be delivered via the regular "snail" mail method as well.

And even better you can use a non-Acrobat way to create and distribute your ebook WHILE you learn Acrobat's program. Again I say you're just making it too complicated. Use what you already have to get what you want.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Taking time out for a little creativity!

I decided to enter one of Renderosity's graphic contest/challenges. The theme of the contest is "in my element" which for me is the beach! Although I live about 70 miles from the closest beach I really love the idea of living at the beach! So I fished out my Terragen program to create my graphic. Teragen is a 3D graphic program that creates landscapes. Land masses and water masses (for my beach scene) can be made using this program.

Now one of my mistakes was thinking that I was going to finish creating my landscape (or should I say beach scene) in one sitting! I know that having patience is an assest but you know how it goes - guess I must have gotten too excited and wanted to get it done in one sitting. But at least I realized that if I wanted to do it good and right that I should take my time and do it that way! So, so far I have created the beach scene. Now I want to do some post work on it.

Some of the fun should be in the actual creating of the scene. And while Teragen can create the landscape and the water mass there is still the small matter of creating the right surface - in my case sand -

As far as 3D graphics are concerned I want to do it all! I'm becoming more interested in modeling characters - both human and non-human - now talk about a lot of detailed work - that is a lot. I also want to be able to model and design hair and clothing for the characters that I create. Wow - talk about ambition!

But its a lot of fun creating them too

Monday, December 06, 2004

Selling Ebooks Online?

You asked: What you haven't mentioned is how you are going to let people know  that the book is available for sale.

My answer is, don't really know. My thinking was a web site and e-bay.  I thought ebay would send them to my web site.  I don't have a web site I would need to build one.  Also my thinking was if I built a web site that I'd advertise my web site address on my truck as I drive 110 miles a day round trip too and from work and I am on 2 (two) major freeways in the Dallas TX area.

Do you write and sale ebooks?

Also my computer is an 80's model, can't write to a CD.

Thanks for your email.

I do sell an Ebook about how to add music to your website.  I also do tarot readings by email so in a way that is an Ebook too.  

You don't need a CD-RW to sell an ebook.

Depending on what your ebook is about you first should define your target market which is who is mostly likely to buy your ebook?  Then you market/go to where they are.  You can do this offline as well as online but online you will reach more potential customers.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Working from home doing data entry?

I would be interested in doing data entry for ANYBODY from my home.

If you need work done or know someone or know of a business that needs work done, I would appreciate hearing from you.

My very first webpage client was a neighbor of mine. My very first business card client was someone I knew at my local supermarket.

Just think of the term "data entry" and what it means. Entering data for other people and/or other businesses. The very first thing that you should do (I know that it may seem like a hassle but believe me it does work) is to make yourself your very first customer. How are people going to know that you are in business unless you let them know? And your local area is a great place to start! People tend to overlook the resources that they already have around them when they are trying to start their own business. If you're really serious about wanting to work at home and doing data entry work the very first thing that you will need is the DESIRE to do so. I think its safe to say that almost every business started out this way - which is the simple desire to do so.

Just look at your own post. It clearly states what you want to do and it also gives a hint with the word "anybody". Usually when I consult with people that want to start their own business I tell them to define their target market first and then go after them. In the case of your post I would kind of say the same thing but the fact that the advice about starting local was given I think that this would be a great place for you to start. What you should do is assess your local area!

Number two you should have a business plan. Having one is always advised - one of the most important reasons why is because if you really want to start a business working out of your home than you will have to acquaint yourself with the BUSINESS side of running a business. Starting a business from home and getting clients and customers who are actually paying you and you are actually earning a living from it is enough to spur anyone into wanting to start their own business but its going to take more than that to keep a business going.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Business Idea #041128 - Dreams?

I just got finishing answering yet another post about that "dream" Internet job and one of the things that I said was that first you have to define what your "dream" job is and then turn that into a business.  I also replied that I have seen successful and income-producing websites by people that are selling everything from candles to astrology and tarot readings.

So it got me to thinking if a business could be started using one's dreams?  Of course the answer is yes but the hard part is specifically how?  And it is hard to come up with something but one of the most obvious is writing.  How would one put dreams and writing together? I'll have to use one of my dreams as an example )-:

The first dream that I thought of was one that could be best described as not G rated - maybe R rated (-;

To make it clean I must have had a crush on a TV character (and a million dollars wouldn't even get me to tell you!) and it entered into my dreams.  Now if I was going to turn this into a business I would first start a website with a "guessing" game kind of thing so that people could guess who the character was?  That would be fun and it would keep visitors coming back to the page just to see the results.  It would spur others to talk about their similar dreams - this whole kind of thing could be turned into a newsletter and/or club/group sort of thing.  While charging for it might be an option I was thinking more along the lines of advertisings.  Again to keep it clean this particular dream best relates to Valentine's Day and romance - do you think that you could sell that to potential advertisers?  My specific dream can be related to the way a woman dresses, her hair, parties and social gatherings (although in my specific dream it was a professional gathering) and to put it quite frankly the "art of seduction" - which would be a good selling point and a good enough reason to give that subscription thing a try.  Do you think women (or men for that matter) would pay for a "seduction" newsletter kind of thing? What about advertisers?

I'll leave you to your own thoughts......................(-:

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Grants for Washington Artists?

I want to leave Florida and move toward Seattle. I'd like to open a small art gallery or share one with another artist. I do portraits of people and animals. I'd also like to teach art to children after school. Does anyone know who I'd have to contact in Washington to see if I can get a loan to get started........

There is an Artist's Trust in Washington that has provided over $2 Million in grants to Washington Artists which includes visual arts, film making and playwrights. It is a non-profit organization that was started to help support artists.

They offer fellowship programs as well.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Federal Grants to start a small business?

"Anyone know a free web site to find out about Federal Grants to start a Small Business?"

There's no better place to start looking than the Government's Website itself. But be ready to have to weed through a lot of information.

I have gotten email from people - most notably a grantwriter - that says there are grant possibilites for small businesses but that they just have to know where to look. Here is the excerpt:

"I am a grant writer and I was glad to see your post-there is so much money out here but people don't know where to go"

Thursday, November 18, 2004

How do I advertising my art?

I am a freelance artist and find it hard to advertise my paintings. Im not sure exactly how to go about it.


Well if you're talking about advertising your paintings on Ebay then my main concern is how you will ship your paintings. How big are they? Are you acquainted with the shipping process?

Ebay has community message boards and there's one relating to art specifically that includes tutorials by artists that have successfully sold their works on Ebay.

If you want to concentrate more on selling your paintings locally then you should use the resources that you have now. There are a lot of ways that you can start to sell your paintings locally but you're probably not even aware of them or just don't think that they will lead to anything.

Some of it will depend on the types of painting that you do but with anything you have to let people know that you are out there - regardless of whether you're doing it online, offline or both. All it takes to start is desire! There's this show that I listen to called "House Hunters" and you'd be surprise to know how many of the people that are the house hunters are artists that work out of their home - there are a lot of them. There are a lot of artists that are successfully selling their works as their business. There are a lot of resources available to you both online and off and if you're really serious about wanting to do this then you're going to have to start treating it seriously and start getting down to work - because as much as you will like the creative part of painting your paintings in order to sell them you're going to have to acquaint yourself with the "business" side of it. I'm not saying this to deter you. I'm saying this to say that it is not an impossible dream to want to be able to sell your paintings but it will require more than just painting.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm looking for typing work at home......

Rose - I am a retired AA - looking for typing work at home. I have typed manuscripts and would like to continue doing this but it seems with everyone proficient on the computer there is not a demand for typists. I understand, from some of the things posted on your site, that there are people out there who would like typing done - how do I contact them. Can you help me.

Thank you for your email.

As strange as it may seem there is still a demand for computer work like typing and graphic designs even though a lot of people have computers that come with very good word processing and graphics programs. So there is work out there.

So as a person that wants to work from home what you have to do is find them! I don't know whether or not you want to do this as a means for extra income or if you want to make a business from it but the process is still the same. Since I do work from home myself and do business consulting for others that want to start a business of their own it has given me the chance to see how many resources there are to help one start their own business - but they always seem to overlook them or don't think that anything can be done with it. A lot of people have started their own business starting with little money and what they lack in money they make up for with time and effort.

Relating specifically to you and your email you have to realize that while a lot of people have a computer they still don't want to "work", they don't have the time to do it and lastly some of them just don't want to do it. You'd be surprised at the number of people I know that have the latest computer but don't "work" it.

If typing is the area that you want to start making income from the first thing that you will have to do is to define your target market. Who is most likely to need and buy your services? Then you target to them. Is just straight typing the only kind of work that you want to do? There are many jobs that fall into the area of typing but let's target specifically the kind of typing you mentioned above. You talk about manuscripts - then what you would do is target to those dealing with manuscripts. Since delivery may be a major concern (at least at the start) you should first concentrate on your local area. There are at list 6 possible businesses/clients that I can think of in my own immediate area that would need typing services but I have to let them know that I'm "open" for business. This is the same thing that you will have to do - let them know that you are open for business. This is why a business plan is always recommended for those that want to start a business of their own. It is better to have a step by step plan and process as opposed to just "come what may". You're going to have to have some knowledge of the "business" side of business such as how you will bill them, what rates you will charge, what kind of form you will use to charge them with, supplies (accounts payable) plus you will want to have a plan for marketing, promoting and advertising your business which you have to do on a regular basis to keep your business going.

Since your primary main focus will be on getting clients you will want to concentrate most of your energies on this. And like I said above the best place to start would be in your local immediate area. One of my first regular clients was someone I knew at my local supermarket. I didn't pressure him or anything but when he asked what I did I told him and he had some work for me. Now he is a continuing client. This is but one example of letting people know that you're out there and open for business. Another resource that is often overlooked is one's own local newspaper! Hardly any of the people that have sent me mail about starting their own business have even thought of that! This is just one example of a common thing that should be used as a resource but isn't and buying one local paper is something that most people can afford. Even if they couldn't afford to buy a local paper there are just too many other resources that can be used but are for the most part ignored!

So to answer your question I'm assuming you are at the beginning of getting started looking for clients and the best place for you to start is to start with your immediate area. Once you follow the steps for that and start getting your first clients then you can branch out to potential clients that are farther away and even work your way up to using the Internet to reach more people. (Yes you can have Internet clients that need typing work - because its being done by others! - I'm talking about legitimate jobs that involve typing for businesses and individuals!)

Friday, November 12, 2004

Reviewing and critiquing websites? - How Did I Get Involved?


Just wanted to ask how you got involved in review/critiques?? Is this something you do totally online?? How would someone get into it?? I ask because it sounds very interesting doing research for different things. My daughter and I already do research for ourselves for different things. Your site is very interesting also. It's nice to meet you through JavaJane.

Take care,

Thank you for your email.

Getting involved with reviewing web sites just came about from my designing websites. It's just an example how one career can branch into another. It can be done both offline and online - meaning it can start as a local business but of course you will need a computer and Internet access.

The "research" thing came about because I was always doing it anyway so I decided to add that as part of my business services. It's something I have been doing for quite some time now.

(I also kind of get the feeling that you would be interested to know that I do have one of those programs that lets you talk while it types. It's a great program and I use it in my business. The program is a few years old and they have probably come up with more better programs but it still works for me just fine.

I just got a research job starting this month! The job really is a report-analysis kind of thing. I'll be watching and analyzing the TV series "Charmed". It's a show about three sisters that are witches and the research comes in in that how it compares to real witches and witchcraft. It really helps that I have already watched this program but I intend to go through all of the episodes up to season 3.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I took the afternoon off!

I will admit that I am quite the computer junkie. But sometimes it just becomes necessary to take some time off and do something else. It helps to clear your head and it also gives you a renewed interest when you get back to business.

I took the afternoon off and went out and did some yard work. And believe me there's a lot to be done. But if you do it slowly and in pieces it shouldn't be so bad! But it was a good thing to do to take a break from the computer every once in a while. (Although I could hardly wait to get back at the keyboard).

It's a good thing to remember! Take the afternoon off! (Every once in a while!)

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Reveiw-Movie-The Associate

I guess a lot of people would think this movie is kind of campy but I enjoyed it. It has a lot of similarities that a lot of people can relate to. I won't give away all the details - for those that may want to see the movie.

Whoppie Goldberg plays Laural who works for an investment type company and works her way up. The company then hires a younger man who she trains and he gets promoted and he is now her boss! That is just too much for her to take and she quits her job and decides to start her own business. (I love the part when as she tells her boss that she quits he tells her "it's cold out there" meaning that no matter how they treat her she should stay there).

Well, Laura decides to start her own company. She's built up a reputation so she thinks that will help her. Well, it doesn't. She calls and calls and tries to drum up some customers but as she puts it she is being "blown off". So she resigns herself and considers going back to her old job. However a lucky break helps her gets her first commission. This "lucky" break doesn't come easily though and she makes up a little lie. Well, after she gets her first commission its not too long before she is on her way successfully. But the "lie" has become more harder and harder to maintain and eventually she has to "face" it.

As I said before I liked this movie and could see some very real similarities in it for not just myself but for those that are also in the same kind of position. Usually in movies there's sort of a "miracle cure" solution or the kind of solution that isn't realistic but not so in this movie - in my honest opinion.

How would you feel if the person that you helped train was made your boss? How would you feel if you tried to make a go of it own your own only to get discouraged to the point where you seriously considered going back to the job you left?

There are many realistic aspects to this movie

  • her deciding to quit her job

  • her deciding to start a business of her own

  • her struggle to get that first client

  • the fact that she lies to get that first client - would you do the same?

For those of you that are considering starting your own business you may view this movie as only for entertainment purposes. Indeed there may be those of you that won't like the movie at all. But from the standpoint of it being a "business" movie it definitely qualifies and for those of you that are just curious about "striking out on your own" you may want to take a look at it.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Washing the dishes?

I posted on one of the AOL Work at Home message boards that one could start a business that had to do with washing the dishes. I thought that I would elaborate on this more because one of the people that read and replied to message didn't believe it.

Well believe it!

I came up with this idea when I was thinking about those that have emailed me and said that they wanted to start a business of their own but that they didn't know where to start. So I took an activity that someone does and used it as a business idea for one to start.

All right - Can I start a business that has to do with washing dishes? The answer is Yes! What if you hate washing dishes but you know it is a necessary evil and that it has to be done. So take the fact that you hate washing dishes and turn it into a business of your own!

Now one of the ways that this can be done is to start a newsletter! If you can't think of a name just call it the "I Hate Washing The Dishes! Newsletter. Do you know how many people hate washing the dishes! Why not turn it into a business? You may be able to even start your own "I Hate Washing The Dishes!" club. If you think that's a silly idea then you should take a look at the different kind of clubs that are already out there!

What would you need to start a business like this? Well you have to have a general hate of washing dishes! So far so good? What next? Well its going to be a newsletter right so you will need a computer so you can reach more people - which also means that you will also have to have Internet access. The next thing you need to do is have supplies so that you can write (or type) down your thoughts and what will go into your newsletter. I always think its best to just get some writing paper and sit down somewhere quiet and start writing. It's better to write it down and then type it after you have refined it. And what will you write? Start with "I hate washing dishes because....." and go from there! You might be surprised at what information will flow from you once you finish writing that first sentence!

Now you probably want to know where the "income" will come from right? Well let's just say (for the moment) that you don't think anyone will pay to subscribe to a newsletter about washing dishes. The next thing would be for you to have advertisers and/or sponsors for your newsletter. How do you get them? Well let's say you include in your newsletter what type of dishwashing liquid you use. Include why you use it! Is it your regular product or just something you got that was on sale? Invite others to send in their favorites and or the ones that they hate. How interested do you think that the makers of these products would be in knowing about how their customers feel about their products? Interested enough to advertise?

Once you start you can branch out into so many areas. You could even include an offline version of your newsletter so that those that don't have a computer would be able to read it. Computers come with enough word processing software that you can create an attractive looking newsletter. You don't need the most latest wordprocessing software with the most "bells and whistles" to start your newsletter. You just need DESIRE!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Computers and printers and scanners....oh my!

Oh, I was so happy when I re-installed my scanner - I missed it so. I didn't even mind crawling behind the computer to re-hook the connections and re-install the software. But alas it was not to stay that way. Had to do a quick print job for one of my clients so I had to disconnect the scanner in order to re-hook up my printer because they aren't compatible with one another. I could solve this problem by getting an A/B switch which I could get during my next jaunt to Radio Shack but I had to do the print job as soon as possible. So I get back down on the floor and crawl behind the computer and disconnect and reconnect - didn't get it right the first time but I managed to finally get it working again.

That A/B switch is looking better and better all the time!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Getting "clicks" other than using "pay per clicks"?


Depending on what your webpage is about then you should identify your target market. Is your website selling something and you want to generate more sales? Then identify your target market. Who is most likely to buy your product or service? Then you target to them.

As far as search engines go you can even use them to your advantage as far as finding out where you rank in the search engines.

If you're really serious about making a go with your website then you should use as many resources as you have. For example if you're getting less "clicks" to your website find out why. Of the visitors that you are getting where are they coming from and why. Does your website offer any kind of interactivity? There are many successful and profitable websites online and you want your website to be one of them!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I have really got to get off of this computer now!

I was supposed to have eaten dinner 2 and a half hours ago! And I haven't even played my Descent game as I customarily do!

I also have some new jobs that I have to work on as well.

  • One of my clients that I do business cards for now wants a flyer-type advertisement to post in the laundry room of the new apartment complex that he has just moved into. He wanted just a plain flyer type thing but I suggested that the flyer have tear off sheets at the bottom so now he wants that. Plus he has re-ordered a new batch of business cards.

  • I "hunting" down a specific episode of one of the original Star Trek episodes for someone.

I really have to get off of the computer because I do have some errands to run tommorrow so the sooner I eat something the sooner I can get to bed and get some sleep!

Monday, October 18, 2004

"My New Invention"

I have came up with a idea that was used in my daughters school project. It Turned out It got a lot of attention and everyone wanted one. A friend talked me into submitting it to Invention Technologies, I did and it was approved for in debt search and marketing. Does anyone know how legitimate these places are. This will cost me money that I don't really have right now. Does anyone know someone that dealt with these people before. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

The very simple answer would be for you to patent and market it yourself. That way you avoid any kind of middleman. Once you have patented it yourself then its YOU that decide the terms of payment!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Yes! My last job sucked! (before I started working from home)

I really, really hated it. I hated the low pay. I hated working six days a week! I had to stand on my feet all day! There was the "politics" of it all. The pay was so lousy!

I have read that the best time to quit your job is when you hate getting up in the morning - and I had past that point a long time ago!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Business Idea - Gardening?

Yes, you can even start a business by using your garden!

In my area there is a community garden that the residents use. You should see how much stuff they grow! Even during the late fall and into winter there are still vegetables and herbs that can be harvested!

Do you have a garden? Sometimes you don't even need a big piece of land. You could grow from pots and on your window sill. You could start your own business selling vegetables and herbs and fruit to both people and businesses. And of course you can expand your business to include other things as well. Writing, teaching even drawing and such.

Yes you can start your own business using your garden!

What kind of girl am I?

I am a hybrid of:
Indie Girl
Academic Girl

Click on the pictures below to read more:

Indie GirlAcademic Girl
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Monday, October 04, 2004

Computer Stuff!

Well, I finally re-connected my scanner back to my computer. I forgot how much I missed it but I had to disconnect it because it wasn't compatible with my new printer.

But a situation came up and I really wanted to use my scanner again and I thought "maybe".

Of course it was a lot of "fun" having to get into the back of my computer and connect and re-connect stuff. And it was a little bit dusty back there too (-;

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Today's Goings On!

Finally got a chance to update my latest webcam picture. I'm still working on streamling my webcam but haven't gotten it exactly right yet!

For some reason I'm having trouble viewing my OWN blog but I can see what it looks like in my newsreader.

Selling My Receipe?

I own a restaurant where I love to cook,while cooking i came up with a way to bake a cake that I've never heard of anyone doing, This method is a sureway of having a moist cake that gauranteed to be moist any kid that can read and follow instruction can make it. i've been trying to get in touch with the cake company, but i haven't had any luck. ( the cakes sales really well at my restautant plus I get lots of orders for the cakes) I haven't given anyone the method of cooking the cakes with the hope of contacting a real live peson some one that would like to consider purchasing the method. I've worked out all the kinks, this is a proven recipe. Can someone out there please help me

Before you contact anyone you will want to take steps to protect your receipe. I have read countless posts by those that have had their idea or invention stolen.

As to getting to the "right" people well if you're really serious about this then this is something you should plan for. You may want to just jump in and talk to anyone you can but since a profit hangs in the balance then you will want to be careful.

Is this the only company that you want to submit your receipe to or do you plan to try others as well?

This is very comparable to those that have invented something and then want to sell it to a big company for a big payoff. It just doesn't always happen like that. You have to prepare yourself BEFOREHAND. And what would really be great is if you could get them to come to YOU as opposed to you going to them!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Selling My Screenplay?

movies.....horror to be you have any resources or links......thx for your time

All the resources that I have are business related and are used as informational resources for the clients that request this specific kind of information. For example there are writers forums that you should take a look at - ones that are legitimate. There are other resources as well and since you mention scripts relating to horror movies there is specific advice to be followed here as well. Some of the things that you should do would really surprise you and some have even found it fun to do the step by step things as well as the actual selling of their screenplay!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Catering Business?

I am a single mother wanting to start my own catering biz. I will be attending culinary class soon and I have already touch basis with suppliers. My church have offered me the use of their kitchen for a small fee but I'm getting nervous on passing out biz cards. Is there more that I should be doing??? Any suggestions would be appreciated

Yes, there is a lot more that you should be doing mainly of which should be having a business plan - a plan for you business! Even though you stated that you wanted to start a catering biz you didn't say specifically what kind. What will be your business objective? What about your business identity? And since your main focus will be getting clients who is going to be your target market? All this information should be included in your business plan. Besides business cards how will you reach your target market/potential clients? Are you going to have an online presence? You can get customers online as well as offline - Have you decided which ways you will use to get your clients? What about the "business" side of your business? Which forms will you use to keep records, accounts payable, accounts receivable, expenses, supplies, taxes and the ever important INCOME!

Here's a tip to get past that nervousness of giving out business cards - How much potential business do you think you would get if you DIDN't have them?

Design a card that will grab a potential client's attention. Something to make your card unique - which can be any number of things. And don't just use business cards - don't forget your promotional and marketing and advertising material as well. Design them the exact same way which means something that will grab a potential client's attention - something that they will remember you by.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Work At Home Example - Tarot Reading!

>>Are there any?<<

Of course there are.

A lot of people swear by companies such as Mary Kay and Avon but I prefer having a business of my own.

Yes there are "work at home" jobs and people are earning a full time living with it. Some people have started their own business selling on Ebay, successful writers, artist and realtors that work from home.

You'd be surprised at what kind of business one can start from their home. Everybody has something about them/something they like or are interested in that they can turn into a business - and then turn it into a successful business!

For example I'm currently reading about a woman that wanted to stay at home with her children. She loved that they knew that she was there at home but the expenses and the bills were a problem. So what did she do? She took her love of Tarot and turned it into a business. She gives Tarot readings online (I'm not talking about MY tarot page - this is someone else).

She accepts payment by credit card and she has done readings for people from as far away as Italy and even Malaysia! In her own words "her sales are growing steadily and she has a list of regulars"

Friday, September 10, 2004

How does it feel to work from home?

It feels great! Don't get me wrong though its not all just sit back and letting the money come in - its WORK! But it's work that I enjoy doing. Plus I do a variety of things. Plus I love "tapping" away on my computer and finding out about a lot of things.

I think I'm a night owl by nature and I love being on the computer until the wee hours of the night - it's fun - and the best part of it is is that it IS part of my business to do so!

I receive email all the time from people that want to work from home. They want to be able to earn a living being a writer, a comic strip writer - even giving psychic readings! Then there are those that want to be a singer or artist - things that you generally associate with doing offline but having a computer certainly helps and there are a lot of things career- related that you can definitely do at home.

The last job I had I hated it so much! I read somewhere that the best time to quit a job is when you hate getting out of bed on Monday morning! Well I was well past that! I hated it! I hated working six days a week and standing on my feet all day! I hated the "politics" of it all, I hated dealing with foul customers and I hated the lousy pay!

So I decided to work from home!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Tarot Readings!

This is something that I got interested in when I was still learning about astrology! I downloaded a tarot program and played around with it by giving myself readings and they were quite accurate! In fact they were so accurate that it was almost scary!

So (besides myself) I did a few reading for others and they were amazed as how accurate the readings were too! So I started a little business doing tarot readings.

My readings are done via email and if you'd like to find out more about them you can just go to my Tarot page at:

Saturday, August 28, 2004

A New Research Job!

I've been asked to do some interesting research work! It has to do with a show that used to be on TV and I'm am going to compare its episodes to the reality of the subject. It sounds like its going to be a lot of fun and the best part of all is that I am getting PAID for it!

I repeat - the Internet is GREAT!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Thursday, August 12th, 2004

Isn't it something how the time flies especially when you have a blog to keep and maintain. It's August already and for the most part what I have been doing is "keeping on keeping on".

I was thinking about finding out if there were any other "bloggers" in my area. Maybe I'll put a list of them here when I find them.

Someone posted on one of the Phila newsgroups whether or not there were any 24 hour/open all night laundrymats in the area. I couldn't think of any. So if you know - let me know and I'll post it here.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Scholarships - An excerpt

Here's a reply I gave to a student looking for scholarships relating to architecture. I didn't include his post because he had a lot of personal information in it.

I went to the website and with just preliminary information added there were 51 scholarships that you could apply for! I don't understand your trepidation about having to write an essay. I'm sure that a lot of others who qualify for these scholarships wouldn't bat an eye if an essay was all that was required.

Since you want to concentrate on your studies as opposed to working while you're in school I don't think that writing an essay is too much of a thing to ask if you're seeking a scholarship.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Work, Work and more Work!

I've been tapping away on my computer for the afternoon. The weekend is coming up - maybe I'll do something a little different.

Kind of missed being outside to day - there is a lot that has to be done!

Monday, July 19, 2004

A travel business

I have a website for my travel business and only a few hits have occurred. Any suggestions on getting traffic there.

Well first of all you should start with what you already have. Of those hits that you are getting where are they coming from? How did they get to your page?

#2 - Optimize your page(s) so that they get placed higher in the rankings of the search engines.

#3 - Identify your target market. Who is most likely to buy your services? I have seen many posts from travel agents that have said that their business is slow to dead yet I have seen articles and heard on television about travel agents that have more work than they can handle. How do they do it? If you're really serious about wanting to make your travel business successful then you're going to have to start to treat it seriously. Since you want it to be your source of income (and a good income I'm assuming) then you're going to have to take a good look at it and get the ideas that will help you sell it to others. You'd be surprised at how many ideas will come to you if you just leave it for a day - take a break and put it out of your mind - then come back the next day and take a good look at it.

Define your target market and then go after them - both online and off!

Friday, July 16, 2004

Why Would Anyone Want To Work From Home?

Well let's see.......hmmmm................

Probably the number one reason is because they want to be their own boss! Working the hours that they want to, working the days that they want to. And its kind of ironic that in a lot of the cases where people are working out of their home that they are working more hours than they did when they were working for somebody else. Sometimes it seems that the time just flies by - especially when its something that they love to do.

Another reason? How about that commute! Regardless of whether you take public transportation or have your own car the congestion is enough to make you want to scream! How nice it would be if you could avoid the headache! (Of course I really should say that while those of us that do work from home don't have to deal with the daily commute - there are times when we have to travel in it - its just not everyday).

Another reason? How about the fact that you are actually working from home! A lot of single parents want to be able to be home with their children but they still need to make a living. I answered one post from a woman who had a sick mother at home and wanted to work at home so that she could be there to take care of her mother. And then there are those that simply want to work from home.

These are just a few reasons that I can think of on the fly now but again I ask.....

Why would anyone want to work from home!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

So Yucky!

Had to run errands today! It still feels humid and I don't feel too great
but hey when you gotta shop - you gotta shop!

Monday, July 12, 2004

The Weather!

It has been raining all day! Sometimes it pours. Right now the rain is light but the weather has been the top story on the news today. And its supposed to rain all week!

I'm glad I work from home but that doesn't mean that I don't have errands to run.

In fact there's one errand I wish I could run right now but just can't. It will have to wait.

I'm not feeling 100% - mostly feel like maybe 80%. I'm kind of getting over a slight ear infection.

I need some tea, liquor, lemons and honey! Oh and orange juice!

My First Post!


Hello World!

This is Rose here trying to join the Blogging craze!

I would love to have one of those blogs with the calendar on the side so I'm still looking on how to get one of those!

I currently work from home and I am so glad that I do! It was tough making this decision but I'm glad I did it! Now I help and show others how they can work from home too. But I also do other stuff besides. I do web pages and graphics. I also do tarot readings! It's fun (and from what people have told me the readings have been quite accurate). You can see more by going to my Tarot

Sunday, July 11, 2004

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