Monday, October 27, 2008

Win A Ford Modeling Contract?

I found this information online and since the Ford Modeling Agency is quite a good and legitmate agency, I thought that I would post this information here:

Win a Ford Modeling Contract

MySpace has teamed up with Ford Models for the Next Fresh Faces contest, and you could be the newest addition to Ford's roster! If you're female and 16 or older, visit to enter now. Check out the photo gallery to size up the competition, and subscribe to the video channel for modeling tips and to see what it takes to be a model. Don’t miss the blog for an insider’s look from a Ford agent. Good luck!

There are so few rare and legitimate opportunities out there for aspiring models that when you find a good one it's a good thing to investigate!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"I Am Interested In Becoming A Professional Voice Actor"

..............I am interested in trying to become a professional voice actor, but I don't know how to go about it...............Can anyone here help?

Well it would help to know what area you live in - whether you live near a big town.

Basically speaking you should find the voice talent agencies and send them a tape of your voice. You should also find their contact information and contact them to find out what their procedure is for hiring voice talent. Advertising agencies are also a good source of information. Once your reputation grows you should be able to get more and more work.

Do a little surfing online and find out more about how to to become a professional voice actor. There is bound to be a good bit of information about it online.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

"I Want To Work From Home!"

I have been looking to work from home for a long time. I don't have money to put up front and finding something legitimate seems impossible. There are so many scams out there. Right now I just need to make money but I would eventually like to start my own mommy/twin business. Being a mother of twins childcare is outrageous and returning to the work world is going to cost me more than staying at home making nothing. Any ideas?

My email is...........................

Actually from reading your comment I have a few ideas yes!

Well if your first concern is being able to make money now then the best piece of advice that I have posted on my Consultation Page is to find a need and fill it. That simply means that if you can find a pressing need that needs to be filled then you may be able to make money sooner rather than later. What is a pressing need? Since one of your objectives is to stay at home have YOU considered opening up a childcare business? Goodness knows that there are a lot of grant and funding programs out there for child and daycare which I have posted about on both my Grant Basics 101 Blog and my Daycare Grants Related page! And you would be providing a very much needed need!

If this doesn't appeal to you then you might want to try Google's Adsense Program. I have talked about that many times when suggesting legitimate work at home opportunities! With Google's Adsense program you can put ads on your website or blog and you earn money when visitors to your site click on those ads!

Here is a link to a blog post about just how much money people have been making with the Adsense program

This also brings up the related idea of you maybe starting a blog and / or a website that talks about your experiences of being a mother of twins. You can think of it as having your own little newsletter and / or magazine and with that in mind you could solicit (and more better having potential advertisers come to YOU for more direct advertising - which pays much better!

You are right in that a lot of work from home "opportunities" are scams but people are looking for the fastest way to make money and this is not the way - simply because you WILL get scammed!

Are there places where you can work for someone else from your home? The answer is yes but you will have to do some searching to find the legitimate ones. But they are out there! I do in fact know of one program (that I have mentioned many times before) where a company hires those who are disabled and/or those that want to work from home and the people work as customer service representatives! I provide this information to those clients of mine who are looking for legitimate work at home opportunities working for a company.

The problem that I see in those that want to work from home is that it seems that they want to be able to make money right away - like yesterday! This is where fulfilling a need comes in! If you can find a need that has to be filled then you have the potential to earn money sooner rather than later. That is why doing work like child/day care, yard work or even running an errand service have been suggested as good starting businesses for someone that wants to work from home. Another popular business-starting idea is starting a dog-walking business - another need that people seem to need!

As I have always said: the fastest way to make money is to find a need and fulfill it. But the BEST way to make money is to start doing something that you love and turn that into a business!

Your Mommy/twin business sounds like a very good idea to me but like with all new businesses it will take you some time to build it up and build its reputation up! You may want to consider looking into grants to help provide you with some start-up money for your business idea.

I realize that this may be something that you may not want to hear but it really does take time before you start to earn money regardless of whether you want to work for someone else or start your own business. Hopefully I have given you some food for thought to help you decide what you want to do.