Friday, June 24, 2005

Question - Should You Hire A GrantWriter?


Thanks for your information it was very helpful. I look on the website but I didn't see this information. Would it be beneficial for me to hire a grant seeker or do the process myself?

Thank You
What I think would be beneficial for you is to first define your objective. What are you seeking a grant(s) for? Once you identify that then you will know which direction you should be going in. This is basically what you will be doing if you hire a grantwriter. If you don't know what grant resources you are seeking the grantwriter will have to prepare an evaluation of you first. Then they will know what areas that they should be looking into as far as grant funding resources for you specifically are concerned.

Finding information about grants and whether or not you are eligible for them requires a lot of time and effort and that is why organizations like schools and community organizations have grant writers on staff. So if you do not want to pay someone to do this for you then you can find the information on your own. Information about grants - especially government grants - is freely accessible information. In fact as far as government grants go it has to be accessible to the public. A good 90% of all the grant related information that I have found has been electronically.

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