Friday, October 28, 2005

Needing A Grantwriter To Write A Grant For A Daycare Center/Business...

Hello, Rose I'm currently in the process of  looking for someone to wirte a grant for me to open up my own daycare.

You are going to have to bear in mind that there will have to be some questions asked no matter who you choose as a grantwriter.  The questions that I ask of all of my clients appear

Remember unless you have specific funding programs in mind your grantwriter is also going to be your grant investigator as well.

Guess what's on the radio right now?

So the jazz radio station is playing in the background and on comes a commercial about how people are quitting their jobs and starting a business by buying and selling on Ebay.

You know this isn't a myth.  There are actual examples of people who are able to make a living by buying and/or selling on Ebay.  I myself have used Ebay.  There was even a special on CNBC about Ebay and how big it has grown!

So this is another option that you might want to try as a business of your own to start.  Some people have made a career of going to flea markets and buying and selling those items on Ebay!  If you specialize in a certain type of product you might even build up a following who will try and contact you first and buy your product(s) even before you have had the chance to put them up for auction on Ebay!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Here's A HeartWarming Little Story

about a man and his love for puppets!  He used to work with the city (NY) when the city put on puppet shows.  But due to staff and budget cuts he was dismissed.  Guess what?  He got a $500.00 grant to start his own puppet business and that is what he currently does - he is his own boss and as another aspect of his business he also makes puppets.

So if you think that your dream job is too far-fetched or impossible I hope you take this story to heart!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Grants For Seniors including repairs to the home

Being old, female and poor should be enough to find some sort of help to get $$ for home repair.  I sent in paperwork for weeks and  then was told I make too much (SS) for a grant and I don't have good enough credit to get a low interest loan.  I thought they were for low income people.  Only reason I have no credit is cause I don't buy on credit!  Where do you go to find help?  My house is in need of repairs badly. 

I don't know which program you applied for but there are programs for those that are elderly.  Case in point - I'm helping a relative of mine because their heating system is not working and the program will repair it for free!  It's really crazy because the same program will also pay an amount to her heating bill as well.  It won't cover the whole bill but there will be 2 grants that will be applied towards the heating bill plus the repair work to her heating system.  As a matter of fact if her heating system is shot they will install a new one!There are also programs that are tied in with the lottery - you know the money being used for programs to help the elderly - got a relative (I don't qualify but I did get some compensation) a $500 check that was deposited to her bank account - from a government program.In the area where I live the residents are eligible for $20,000.00 in repairs from a grant program.So you're not looking in the right places or the specifics of the program that you were applying for have to be better known.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Want to hear about another grant recipient?

J. Nelson was a puppeteur that worked with the city of New York when the city put on puppet shows.  But due to staff cuts he could not work for them any more.  To make a long story short his love of what he did got him a small grant of $500 to continue his business and he now makes his living as a designer and maker of puppets and marionettes.  $500 may not seem like a lot of money but it was enough to get him started and he is now his own boss and working at something he loves!

This is a very inspiring and uplifting story and if you think that whatever it is that you want to do is impossible I hope this little story has changed your mind.

I tried to do it but I couldn't!

I tried to give myself a day off today but I couldn't do it!  I was lying in bed thinking about how nice it would be to just stay in bed all day.  But as soon as I had that though I had another one and I was back at the computer and then I was online and then I started to do more work.

Oh well, maybe next time!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I have to shatter another myth about starting a business

and that myth is that you have to have trained with someone.

I just answered an email from someone that wanted to know what seminar I got my training from and I answered back that I didn't use any seminar to get my training.  To make a long story short - I trained myself!

But the point that I want to make here is that you don't HAVE to take a training course if you are good at what you do.  In some ways the training that is provided may do more harm than good.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

"I Wished I Could Work At Home Like You"

This line was in one of the most recent emails sent to me. As I have said time and time again almost ANY thing can be turned into a work at home business! If you can repair things - you have got a business! You can even turn something you hate into a business! What I do is consultations, research and customized business plans. I had originally started doing webpages and graphic designs which I still do on occassion but mine is a perfect example of taking something that you love to do and turning it into a business - a work at home business. One of the business plans that I customize is one specifically for those that want to work at home with their computer but its not for everyone because it has to do with the adult and sex websites/industry. But this is a perfect example of working at home because it involves working with your computer and earning an income. Where did I get the idea for this? Someone sent me an email saying that they wanted to make $5K a month and they didn't include any other kind of information like any interests or hobbies that they had. They just said that they wanted to make 5K a month. I thought that they were just being a smart alek but you know what? My mind got to thinking and I remember reading about how the adult sites - some of them - make over $1 Million Dollars a Month and that got me to thinking and that is how I came up with the Business Plan - which is called XXX.

Now bear in mind this is just one example of a business that one can start from home. The best businesses would be something that you love to do or even what you would consider your dream job. You can take an interest or even something that you hate to do and turn that into a business. How ironic is that to be able to make an income from something that you hate to do!

I get email from single mothers and those who are retired and even from those who haven't reached the age of 18 and you can still earn a living even if you are a minor. Lots of young people are making a living - sometimes even making more than their parents do!

It all comes down to desire! You have to have focus - that's why having a business plan is always recommended - and I don't just say that because I sell them - I and many others have advised the same thing.

I especially like consulting those that have no clue as to what kind of business that they could start and with just a few insights they are well on their way.

Believe me there is no hidden secret about being able to work from your home. There is work and diligence and patience but no secret. But those that had the desire are the ones that are doing it. It's not just me - its many, many people. People are starting their own businesses selling candles, herbs, spices, tarot and astrology readings, giving advice, starting newsletters (for which they get paid to advertise/subscribers), doing repairs, running errands - almost any thing that you can think of there is either someone who is doing it now or doing something that is close to it!

You can't tell me that you can't work from home! Now its up to you to make it happen!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Finding Home Care Benefits For Seniors

Unfortunately I just can't agree with the last post.  Remember that the oringinal poster said that their loved one was able to get the benefits in their original state - they just have to find the same service in their current state.

There are just too many government programs that are available and especially more so in the case of seniors.  I have been able to get benefits, even cash in check form for a relative of mine who is a senior.  What is most ironic is that some of these programs go begging for wanting others to know about them and as it was explained to me "the government has the programs - just not the money (or the inclination?) to advertise them.

In the case of the original poster it may be hard to find the program(s) that best fit your needs but it is not impossible.  You have to take into consideration that not everyone knows about every program even though they may be a social worker because old funding programs are cancelled and new ones are created - some programs even go through changes and are re-named or something along those lines.

As I have learned you are going to have to find the programs - the reason that you are getting the "run-around" is probably because they don't even know about the programs.  Basic information about funding programs - in any category - has to be understood that finding them is not as simple as 1-2-3.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Is It Just Me or.....

are my entries being seen at the bottom of the page/blog instead of being on the right side of the index?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Want to Work From Home But Don't Know What Kind of Work To Do?

Here's a little assignment that you can do!

Just make a list of 10 things that:

interest you
you are skilled at
you hate to do
are your hobbies
are your dream job

You don't have to write 10 of all the suggestions above - you can start with just one of the listings and list 10 things.  After you have done that  you can list them here and others (including myself may be able to help show you how you can turn at least one of them into a business of your own that you can do at home.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Funding Debate For Katrina Business Areas

While there is a lot of talk of loans and the SBA and other help in the form of loans there is a general outcry because the businesses want grants and not loans.  In the words of some of the business owners "loans mean that they will be incurring more debt - something that they just cannot afford to do".

Some businesses have taken advantage of the loan programs being funding by the SBA but they have been told that the process could take as long as three months!  Some businesses hoping that they can hang on until then.

There is also the question of the employees themselves - some of which have taken advantage of government contracting where they are hired by the government to help with the relief efforts and leaving their employers high and dry.

There is proposed legislation pending allowing for more government funding which includes both loans and grants to the businesses in the Katrina-hit areas.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Latch-key Kids - Starting A Program For?

"looking for grant to build and start latch key program.  for kids ages 10 to 14. "

If I understand you correctly you are talking about starting a program similar to daycare where you watch/supervise the children and there are definitely funding programs for that.  There are also a lot of teen-related programs and it would help if you had some kind of theme such as helping to improve the community or even helping them improve their educational skills and abilities. 

As I have stated many times before there are many grant programs for child care - even children that are older and are teenagers.  Another route you should take in looking for grant funding would be your own specific area.  There are grant programs that are available for specific regions.  There are also grant programs that have the objective of "bettering" the community (and society as well) - one in particular that has an annual program with a grant amount of $100,000.00!

It seems that you are looking for just any kind of grant funding program where what I would advise is that first you find some sort of theme and then find funding programs that are related to that theme.  While you could look into funding programs that are just general in nature (for providing daycare/supervision services) you can increase the number of grant programs that you can apply for if you include specific themes and objectives as well.

There are definitely a lot of grant programs that you should be looking into because providing daycare (even for teenagers) is a very big concern and that is why there are a lot of funding programs for it!

Grants for For-Profits - Again the naysayers are proven wrong!

There are no grants for for-profits - right?  Wrong!

In Florida, there is a grant program that is currently taking applications until October 14th 2005 and it has to do with water conservation!  The grant award of $5,000.00 can be used for projects that help to educate on water resources and water conservation.   You can apply online or you can reach them by phone via their 1-800 number.

Who is eligible to apply?  Government agencies, private individuals, educational facilities, business and industry, neighborhoods, homeowner and service organizations, research and other profit and nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another Daycare Grant Program - For Pennsylvania Area Only

Time and time again (and not just on this board) the question has come up as to whether or not there are grant programs for for-profit daycare services.  Well I just uploaded information to my page now about a grant program in my own state which shows what I and a lot of grant writers here (and elsewhere) have said about if the need is there then there are grant programs that for-profits can apply to.

In cooperation with the Department of Public Welfare a grant program has been in activation that will provide grant monies for both for-profit and non-profit daycare services.  One of the most important requirements of applying for this grant is that you will provide services to low-incomed families and special consideration is given to those that will operate during non-traditional hours.  The minimum grant amount is $50,000 and the maximum is $1 Million.  Contact information is available by regular snail mail address, phone and fax #'s and website.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Student Loans and Paying Them Back

A lot of searches have been done lately about finding a way to pay off student loans.  I did some checking myself and found out a lot of interesting information.  Usually these student loans are signed without reading all of the terms.  I mention this because there are some loans that don't have to be paid back and/or are forgiven.  But it will depend on the terms of your student loan.

There are also some programs in place where if you perform some public/non-profit service your repayment amount will be reduced and in some cases the loan will be forgiven totally.

There is also a program in place where teachers can receive a total loan forgivenenss if they teach in low-incomed areas and/or they teach certain subjects.

So it will depend on many things and it will also depend on the terms of your original student loan.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Getting Grant Money Without Having To Buy Anything.....

Well you could find the information yourself or get someone who will volunteer to help you.  Finding this information si hard and there is a lot of time and effort involved and if you do not want to pay a grant writer or someone who does this kind of work then you can do one of the options mentioned above.

finding the information one's self is not impossibe.  I read an article about a woman that was interested in all of this "grant information" and decided to find out about it herself.  Well guess what?  She found information on and applied for a grant that helps fund training her employees.  What kind of business did she have?  It was a marketing business!  So when anyone says that there are no grants or that they can't find any information on them you can see that they are sadly mistaken!

Working From Home - What if I get sick?

Here's an interesting entry from a woman who also works at home (she also teaches a class)

I have some serious stomach problems.  Yesterday after work when the little angel and I went jogging (well, I jog and she waves to squirrels from the jogging stroller), I actually had to drag her into the Burger King restroom with me while I sweated and felt my stomach heave unproductively.After a restless sleep, I awoke also feeling ughy.  It's not really ughy enough to call in sick, considering I work from home........

To read more of her entry, just go to her blog at: