Sunday, August 02, 2009

How I Made A Quick $20 Online In A Matter Of Hours!

My main work is that of being an Adsense Consultant plus I have some other titles and services as well!

Just cruising online one day, I decided to try a little experiment just to see if I could get my hands on some money quickly!

Since I do have a Paypal account that means that any money sent to my Paypal account can be spent almost immediately!

So I did some checking online and found someone who was looking for someone to help crack a computer-graphic-related code! They said that they would deposit $20 in to a person's Paypal account if they were able to crack the code! Since I wasn't familiar with this kind of code I had to do some online checking to find out more about it - but guess what? I was the first person to crack the code and it took the person all of 30 minutes to deposit the money to my Paypal account (and it took me only an hour to spend it right away - LOL!)

If you would like to know the exact details of how I found this person who was offering this free money, then just send a $10 payment to my Paypal address which is:

and I will email you the details on exactly how I found the person!

However I should warn you that even though this worked for me on the first try, subsequent efforts haven't been as successful! But getting that $20 surely did feel good!

I guess this does prove the point - to a degree - that if you look hard enough you may find a way to be able to make some quick money online!