Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting Paid For Answering Surveys Online - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Here is an interesting website that someone told me about. You get paid for answering surveys. They give you $6 to signup. But you should be aware of some things. First off they have 2 payment options - you can either get paid via a check in the mail though it takes 4-6 weeks to get it or you can get paid via your Paypal account. That's why I thought of this forum because so many people that post here have a Paypal account. First let me tell you that you have to accumulate $75 before you can cash out and be forewarned that if you option to take the paypal option $25 will be deducted. So if you cash out at $75 and use the Paypal option then the company will take out a $25 fee and you will only get $50.

Now I did some research online and I found that the opinions of this program are about half and half. Some people complain about the program saying that they don't offer enough surves and there is are an equal number of people who have said that they have gotten their money.

So you can visit the site and decide for yourself. I joined it yesterday and managed to rake up $25 so far in my account so that means that I have another $50 dollars to go before I can cash out.

If any of you have a website or blog this program also has an affiliate program where you can add their banner to your site and you will get paid for those that sign up.

Now the reason I posted this here is because so many people have computers so taking a few minutes to make some money answering surveys does not seem like a bad thing. Also a lot of people here have posted that they have paypal accounts so why not make them work for you.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"It Takes Money To Make Money"

It may "take money to make money" but it doesn't necessarily have to be a lot of money!

Many people start their businesses small and then gradually expand their business.

I once helped someone with their upholstery business by putting flyers on parked cars and he actually got some calls and subsequent business from these flyers.

How much would it take for you to make some flyers? You can design them on your computer (and use some of the software that came with your computer)and either make your own copies or go to a copy story and have them do it for a nominal fee.

There are still a lot of people out there that think that they can't get a free website - which is absolutely untrue! There are quite a few free webhosting sites online where you can have your own website for free! You can also get a free blog as well because there are also a lot of free blog hosting sites out there as well.

Don't think that you can have a "professional" site if your site is on one of the free web hosting sites? Then tell that to the people that have their business websites on free hosting websites!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Google Is Hiring!

Google Is Hiring!

I could hardly believe it when I saw that Google was hiring!

Here is the info:

Work For Google Adsense

Google is hiring technical account coordinators now!

Apply today!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Writing Tag Lines For A Movie?

Well here is a very interesting article about a guy that writes taglines for movies. Basically you could call him a copywriter - at least that is how he started out.

Making Money Creating Taglines!

I think that it is a very interesting article. Reason number one is because the guy works for himself and not for anyone else. Number 2 he is very well paid for his work.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Quick Ways For College Students To Make Money

This is a blog post that I can't take credit for but it is a very good blog post about some good (and legitimate) ways that college students can make some quick money.

While I do a lot of grant reasearch and I do know that there are also a lot of scholarship programs out there for those that are looking for ways to help them financially while they try to continue their studies. There has been a lot of information in the news lately about student loans and how much they are and how much they cost. Some students find that they aren't able to pay their student loans once they graduate college. Other students have had to rely on student loan consolidation companies that help them with paying back their student loans.

So any way that a student can find to be able to legitimately make money both online and off is definitely information one should keep!

Some of the suggestions may surprise you. They are not "get rich quick" or "make money online" scams. They are legitimate ways that one can make money online.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Becoming A Model

I don't think it is an unrealistic goal to want to become a model. There are plus sized models and models shorter than 5 feet 4 inches tall. There are male models, older models and even disabled models.

You can even be a model if you are underaged as long as your parents give their permission.

Even though a lot of models have gotten their start by going to New York have you ever considered starting your modeling career in your own home town? You could model for clothing designers in your own home town. I have seen quite a few fashion shows on TV for my own local area so who is to say that there aren't any of these kinds of fashion shows in your own area? Do some checking around. Find the companies that are hiring models and check them out to see if they are legitimate. There is always at least one good lead that can lead you to a start in your modeling career.

If you can't find any modeling opportunities then MAKD YOUR OWN MODELING OPPORTUNITIES! What do I mean by that? Well do you have a webcam? Do you have a website? If you said yes to both of these questions then you could start your own modeling agency with yourself being the model. Take pictures of yourself modeling clothes and put those pictures online. You may not think that that is too much of a start but it is a start!

Treat your modeling agency as a professional modeling agency. Create business cards, flyers and other promotional materials - treat it professionally!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

3 Business That One Can Start Now

I can't take credit for this because this came from an article that I read on another site.

It does have some very good ideas though.

What is interesting to note here that starting a desktop publishing business is another one of those kinds of business that have always been suggested as a good business to start. You would think that with all the desktop-type publishing programs that are already on one's computer that everybody does their own desktop publishing - but they don't. That is where YOU could come in - with your desktop publishing business.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blogging Jobs Are Becoming VERY Popular

The Blogging Explosion!

There is just no other word for it! Blogging has become an explosive thing! While reading another blog, the topic of blogging jobs came up! Do you know that there are actual companies that will PAY you to blog for them? I have seen some of these "blogging" jobs posted and some of them are from TV shows. I saw one blogging job posted for the tv show "Ugly Betty"!

But it's not just tv shows that are looking for bloggers. There are companies and businesses that are looking for bloggers too but they don't have the staff that are experienced with blogging so that's where YOU can come in.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Parent Having To Stay Home To Take Care Of Their Sick Child?

I saw a post from a woman who was asking about work at home opportunities so that she could work from home so she could be home to take care of her sick child. There are only a few legitimate work from home companies that I know of and I give that information to my clients when they are looking for such companies.

But when I saw this woman's post (I did reply to her with the same information that I'm putting here) I thought of some things that she could do so that she could be able to work from home.

My first thought was that she should start a blog and talk about how she has to stay at home and take care of a sick child. How many other parents are in the same position as her? Wouldn't they like to know about others that are in the same predicament as they are? If she started a blog about her experiences with having to take care of a sick child she could add adsense ads to her blog in order to be able to make some money with her blog. Now you may think of this as commercializing one's bad situation but why not take a bad situation and turn it into a better situation? The "power" of blogs is growing and there are so many different types of blogs out there on so many different topics and subjects. Just think about it. Here you have someone who wants to (if not has to) stay at home and be able to look after their sick child. What better a way to work at home then to start a business about the one thing that you are passionate about and in this case that is being able to take care of your sick child.

First of all having a blog will let people from all around the world be able to see it and of those that do see it there may be some that are faced with the same situation that she is going through. You can start a free blog at Start writing (or should I say typing) in it. Once you have a few entries in your blog you can then apply for adsense - which is also free. Once your blog is approved by adsense you can then get the codes to put on your blog so that you can start making money when visitors to your blog click on the ads. But more than that you will have an outlet for what it is you are trying to do. Of course besides starting a blog ANY parent should look for and find any grant programs that may be able to help them. But in the meantime with the blog you will at least be starting to earn an income if you have adsense ads on them. If you need help with your blog or help with trying to start one or help with trying to optimize your blog for more adsense earnings, I suggest that you take a look at The Adsense Consultant's Blog.

Having a blog can branch you out into other opportunities as well that are directly related to your blog. A lot of people have gotten book deals because of their blogs. Some have gotten direct advertisers for their blog who will pay a lot more than adsense to advertise on your blog. This parent could blog about the difficulties there are in having to have to stay home and take care of a sick child. They can write about the lack of available help for other parents in this type of situation. She can even branch her blog out and start to create her own newsletter about parents who have to take care of a sick child. She could accept advertising for this newsletter. She could charge a fee to subscribe to the newsletter. She could also print out hard copies of her newsletter to give to people who don't have access to a computer. - Thus a career (and business) is born!