Saturday, June 30, 2007

Doggie Daycare?

Did you know that doggie daycare is a booming business? Here is a link to an article that explains about it further.

Many times I have mentioned that starting a dog-walking business would be a good business to start because there is always a need for such services. Unfortunately as much as I would like to take credit for this idea I saw somebody else suggest it.

Starting a doggie daycare business is even better. People are working so much and a lot of them don't like leaving their dogs home alone for such long periods of time. I'm sure that you would have enough customers who wouldn't mind having their dogs looked after and have their dogs in an environment where there are other dogs around them.

If you love dogs this would be a great business for you to start!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Can't Find A Job? Then Make One Up!

I was kind of in shock when I first heard this statement. I have since come to find out that this is a very good statement. In years past my mother was a nurse and my father worked at the post office - both the kind of jobs that they had for life!

Nowadays it is much harder to keep a job for life. Time and time again you hear on the news about another big company or plant either closing its doors or firing a large number of employees.

People "make jobs up" all the time. What about the person that wants to open up their own restaurant? Clearly there are more than enough restaurants out there already - right? But yet and still people are opening up new ones. What about the people that want to be clothes designers and have their own fashion line? Surely you have seen that there are no lack of clothing designs on the market today but yet and still these people create new clothing lines.

I know a lot of people are thinking "but what kind of job can I make up?" Well what is it that you like to do? What is your dream job?" What if you don't know what your "dream job" is? There are 2 ways to make money. The fastest way is to find a need and fill it. Look around your neighbor hood. Is there a need there? Could you start a babysitting business? What about starting your own daycare business? What about starting your own yard work business? All of these kinds of jobs are ones that have been advised as good businesses to start because there are always a need for these services. Where I live the guys that do yard work are always busy! One told me that he had more work than he could handle!

The 2nd way (and I think its the best of the two) is to take something that you love and turn it into a business. One of the reasons that I got into grant research is because of all the negative information about it. I did some research of my own and found out that there are many grant programs out there for individuals. Some of these grant programs are just begging for applicants! The people that say that there are no grant programs out there for people who want to start their own business are wrong. The people who have called me a scam either don't want to pay to be clients or they have just gotten frustrated by all the information that has to be weeded through and some of them just don't want to do the work.

So if there is something that you love to do or if there is something that is your dream job don't you think that you owe it to yourself to make your dreams a reality? No matter what kind of job it is there is probably someone somewhere doing what it is that you want to do (or doing something close to it) and they are making a good living at it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Being A Webcam Model?

No sooner do I post a blog entry about being (or becoming) a webcam model do I see a tv show talking about women who earn their living as webcam models. They are a diverse group of women. One has a teenage son who knows what his mother is doing but that is ALL he wants to know. Another woman has her parents as partners in her webcam business - if you can imagine that! Her father does the business side and her mother does the production side.

Their stories are very interesting. One woman said that she was a dental assistant but she felt burned out and wanted to try something else.

So being a webcam model is not as unusual as one would think. It is a simple enough thing to do as long as you have a webcam, a website and having a microphone while not mandatory would be a good thing to have. A lot of these woman use an online service so they don't have to worry about the details. All they have to do is get people to view their webcam and chat with them. I heard one woman say that she earned $1,000 in one night! Other women - who want to eliminate the middle man - choose to host their own sites and webcam page. *One thing I should tell you is that Paypal will not let you do transactions of a sexual nature. But there are alternative ways of accepting payments from clients/customers.

Beside the women that are webcam models there were other women featured in the story. One woman satisfies men that have a foot fetish. (If you don't know what that means I'm not going to tell you). Another woman was a legitimate sex therapist who helps people who have sexual problems. Her clients are referred to her from psychotherapists.

So whether you want to admit it or not - sex sells!

Comments Received

It's true! Webcam models can make a lot of money and come from many different backgrounds. I myself just started webcam modeling several weeks ago for a great website that even gives me bonuses if I make a certain amount. Webcam modeling can be hard, but as a college student, I have found that this is one of the most profitable things I have ever done. True, you can make up to $1000/night, but it's highly rare. I am not extremely good looking and I make about $18-$30/hr. Pretty good, huh?

If you're interested in becoming a web model, I have found this website to be the most profitable compared to other sites around:

If you are interested in advertising on this blog, just click here to find out more about how to advertise on this blog.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy has always fascinated me so. Just in case you don't know who he is he was a very famous porn star (and enough said about that!)

What fascinates me about him is that he is still trying to break into mainstream movies. Apparently because of his porn past he has a hard time being cast in the more mainstream movies. However he has consulted on the movies "9 1/2 Weeks" and "Boogie Nights"

I find this fascinating considering the fact that Traci Lords has managed to break into mainstream movies and Ron Jeremy has not. But he keeps trying though!

On the video below, Ron Jeremy talks about how easier it is becoming to be a webcam star! And since I get soooooo many emails with people asking how they can be webcam models or start an adult webcam business then who better to hear than an actual porn star himself!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Keep Going

I saw a very inspirational segment of a show. A man wanted to start his own restaurant and his partner was 100% behind him. He didn't have much experience as a cook and he went to cooking school but didn't have much experience after that. But he decided that he wanted to open his own restaurant. He found the location in a run down property that used to be a crackhouse. He was given 2 months free rent and he was on his way to (as he put it) fulfilling his dreams. Now he didn't have a business plan but still he was determined. How did he pay for the restaurant? Well his partner helped and there was this little method that he used which I'm not going to repeat here because its something that is really recommended as not a good thing to do. He had a lot of friends help and pitch in with the construction and building work. Of course he had to get the permits and licenses that were necessary to open the restaurant plus he managed to get a small business loan for around $15,000 - that's not a lot but just tell that to him and he will probably tell you where to go!

Like I mentioned before he didn't have a lot of professional experience as a cook but he wanted one of his teachers from his cooking class to taste his food - food that he was going to include as part of the menu of his new restaurant. While the teacher liked the food for the most part he did say that he didn't think that the guy was ready to open a restaurant. In fact a lot of people felt the same way. Guess what? He still decided to open the restaurant and guess what? He did!

I saw this story and it just reminded me of the advice that I have seen from others and that advice is to keep going. You gotta keep going no matter what others say. If you feel it in your heart then that is all that matters!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Do you want to be a writer that gets paid?

Well first of all I think that one of the best ways to start making money is with Google's Adsense program. Create a blog or website and add the Adsense ads and you can start making money as soon as visitors to your site clicks on the ads.

And this advice also goes to all of you who are aspiring writers. Why not put up a blog and put your writing on it? I have seen many writer and writing-related blogs online so its not like you would be the first one.

Back in the day a writer was either "discovered" by a publishing company or a writer submitted their work somewhere and got published and got well known. I'm not saying that such a thing couldn't happen today but at least you have more options today than you had back them.

One thing I would advise every aspiring writer to do is to get a copy of The Writer's Market Handbook. I believe that this book is an absolutely "must have"! Consider it an investment! If you don't have enough money to buy a copy of the book then you should check and see if your local library has a copy. This book lists the different publishers and what kinds of submissions that they are looking for in almost every writing genre that you could imagine! It also provides some very good tips and advice concerning copyrights and how you should submit your submissions as far as how you work should look.

I should also mention that since I do a lot of grant research I know that there are many grant programs out there that are writing and writer-related. Did you know that the woman who wrote the Harry Potter books (and who now has more money than the Queen of England) received a grant early in her writing career?

If that doesn't motivate or inspire you I don't know what will!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Getting Ready To Dump Google's Adsense" - Don't Do It!

I actually saw somebody post that they were actually thinking of getting rid of their Adsense Ads! I couldn't believe that! They weren't making much money using it so I'm guessing that that is why they are feeling so frustrated.

There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD! that I would consider dumping the Adsense ads on my blog here! Keeping adsense seems to be quite a chore for some people but as long as you follow Adsense's Terms Of Service then you should be fine!

Now getting back to the person that was thinking of getting rid of their adsense ads - I have this to say to you. Almost any blog has the potential to make money using Adsense. Ask people to give you their opinions about your blog. You might also want to consider getting some professional help with your blog. There are professionals out there who can help optimize your blog or website for Adsense, they can provide you with content-rich information for your website or blog to help increase your Adsense earnings.

Getting Rid of Adsense has got to be one of the most ridiculous ideas I have ever heard of!

Monday, June 18, 2007


It may be hard to believe that people that write poetry are making a good living at it. Have you ever heard of songwriters? There will always be a need for great songwriters!

What about grants? There are a number of grant programs relating to poetry that are sponsored by very legitimate and respectable organizations.

What about poetry contests? Even here there are some very legitmate poetry contests out there but you have to be very careful when you decide whether or not you are going to enter them. Be sure to read the fine print very carefully so that you know what you are getting yourself into!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Becoming A WebCam Model

I saw a question posted by a young woman (she was of legal age) asking about sites where you could be a webcam model and receive at least 50% of the money that you generated. My first thought was to answer back and ask whether or not it would be possible for her to start such a business on her own. Why? Because if you start this kind of business on your own you make more money by cutting out the middleman. And of course I always think it a good idea to start a business of one's own as compared to working for someone else.

But I visited one of these webcam model sites and I can see why women (and men) would be interested in them. The one site I visited said that one of their webcam models can make as much as $25,000 a month and that some of their webcam models have made over $200,000 a year! Plus they do most of the work for you already. They take care of the billing and they take care of the traffic.

I still say that it would be better to start your own webcam model business as opposed to working for a company - but hey - I see why some people would much rather have the security of working for a company.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I Have My Own Podcast Now!

My podcast is very (very) new! I have put up a test message that I called in from my cellphone just to see if it would work and it did! I have also added a few public service announcements. Now I think adding music is going to be tricky because that involves copyrights.

I haven't figured out what the theme of my podcast will be yet. (However I do have my Nailbiter's Message Board Podcast up and ready.

I did have one other post about having a podcast and I have learned a little bit more about them since then. The process seems simple enough. Its providing the content that I am having trouble with - so I'm working on that for now - but enough about me!

As I mentioned in my first post about podcasting, having your very own podcast is like having your very own talk show. I think about the only hindrance you will discover is the ethical "no-no" of playing copyrighted music. But you can have other things on your podcast - most importantly - YOU! You can talk about almost any subject that you want (as long as those subjects fit in with the terms of your hosting site). In essence you can have your very own talk show. You can include commercials and interviews and phone conversations and that is only the beginning.

Basically what you need to have your own podcast is the ability to record your content and then upload it (preferably in mp3 format) to a hosted site. There are some free hosting sites on the internet and all you have to do is use one of the major serch engines to find some of them.

I would give you a link to my other podcast but it just isn't ready yet

Thursday, June 14, 2007


The one thing that I think that one truly needs to start their own business is desire! Desire will help you see through many things including lack of self esteem, confidence and frustrations.

Desire continues you to go on in spite of things looking bad.

And actually I think that having the desire first is more important than having the money first. As long as you have desire you'll have a hint of what it is you want to do.

My desire came from my hating my job and my love of working at the computer. I thought that there had to be a way to take something that I love and turn it into a business and I did it!

Another good force to have would be motivation. The motivation is the "why" of what you are doing. Examples can include that you just hate your job and you want to do something else, you want to become financially independent or you just want to do something that you love and be able to earn an income from it.

Desire and Motivation - two very good places to start when you want to start a business of your own.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I was watching Dr. Wayne Dyer on PBS this past weekend and one of the things that he said really stood out to me. Dr. Dyer has written many books and interestingly enough I found out that he still does all his writing long-hand. It's hard for me to believe that he doesn't use a computer but anyhow I thought the whole thing kind of cute and it reminded me that I, myself have written articles first by long-hand and then typed them into the computer.

I guess one of the reasons why I am posting this is because I know that there are a lot of aspiring writers out there. Maybe it would help a lot of them to know that even the most famous of writers still do their work by long-hand.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yes I am mentioning Adsense again because I just got finished suggesting Adsense to someone that wanted to start an online business but they didn't have any specific business in mind. I know that there are many people that want the security of working for someone else and that's why a lot of them are looking for these kinds of businesses that they can work from home from. With the exception of a couple of businesses, the rest of them I am not comfortable with. I think it is a much better idea to a business of one's own!

Now that's why I mentioned Adsense (again). What can be more simple than starting a blog and putting ads on it? Since you know that you will get paid everytime someone clicks on an ad then that should motivate you to work on your blog/site more! I mean there have been examples of people who have put up sites and never work on them but they still make money on them using Adsense's program - I still say the best way to make money using Adsense is to develope a them for your site. Once you sign up for Adsense and start reviewing your stats you will see what is and what isn't working and you can work on improving it.

Google's Adsense is one of the most easiest ways of making money online that I have ever seen!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Becoming A WebCam Model

Lots of women are interested in becoming a webcam model. What's a web cam model? A person that uses a webcam to model - either themselves or clothes or whatever.

What do you need to become a webcam model? Well you will need a webcam of course and you will need a website. Now you can have a website where you can charge subsribers BUT you should also have a website that has general information and some pictures so that others can get to know more about your site.

How would you accept payment? How about a check, credit card or merchant account?

Now I have a webcam page that I am currently working on that has different pictures that I have taken with my webcam. Maybe it will help you to get a good idea of how your webcam page can look.

Once you have done the above then you have to concentrate on getting visitors to your site. And the best way to do that is to let everybody know about your new website!

Comments Received

comment received 6/12/12

Women can earn money easily by becoming webcam model. It is very easy to be webcam model. Click here to know more about this:

this comment was received 3/24/09!

We are looking for Models that are 18 years old, self motivated, flirtatious and comfortable with their own bodies. No experience is necessary.

We offer models the opportunity to:

• Easily earn over $400 a day

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• Create your own schedule

• Remain 100% anonymous

If you are interested and have questions or would like to sign up feel free to go to our website!

I am a webcam model. I started on "xxxx". It is not my favorite site because the traffic is not the highest. I do have some regulars on there I still go onto it for because I can make anywhere from $130 - $200 a night on the regulars alone, but I work "xxx" if the regulars aren't on. So it is worth it if you can get some high paying regular customers. "XXX" has higher traffic, with many more higher paying customers and you seem to make double the money for a private. There are also many more support features like tutorials, forums and guides. There are also more ways to win money from party chats, tips, VOD and bonus incentives. I can pull in over $1800 in a 2 week period between the 2. I do not consider myself to be any better looking then anyone else, so if you are really hot, you can pull into over $5000 in 2 weeks. It is possible and the sites do list the top earning models. So while I don't make that much, I can see other models who have. I also only work about 4/5 nights a week for a few hours. Models who work more obviously make more. On which ever site you work on, or both, it does take time to make money. You don't start earning right away. You have to build a relationship with the customers and start by getting them to know and like you. Be flirty and fun. Be patient. Once they get to know you and spend the money, they will be back. The key is to get them to be regulars. Remember, there are tons of other models, so you have to take the time to let people find you. There may be days in the beginning where you make little, but once you get going and stick with it, it's a goldmine.

If you would like to advertise on this blog, please contact me for advertising information!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

You Never Know Where Your Customers or Clients Will Be Coming From

I have a client that pays me to find the cheapest airline ticket prices for her. Mind you she is a customer who uses my services only a few times but for the point of this blog she is a customer. She doesn't have a computer of her own.

How did she become my customer? (actually I think of her as a client) She worked at the same store that I did and of course word got around that I was a "computer nut"!

You never know where your clients or customers will be coming from! As I have said many times before my very first client was a neighbor of mine who also heard that I was "into computers". He became my very first web page design client! As a matter of fact I have my very first client before I had even thought to do this as a business.

So you never know where your clients and/or customers will be coming from.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Yes, Even A Teenage Can Become A Millionaire!

Here is yet another story - hopefully inspiring - about a teenage who has became a millionaire! All by starting a website that has grown!

They have even received some venture funding for their business! I'm always telling people that there are still investors - even angel investors that are still around - and I'm talking about legitmate investors!

Hopefully this story will inspire you and motivate you!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Have REALLY Got To Get Back To My Design Work

I'm currently reading one of the Bryce 3d message boards. Just in case you don't know Bryce is a 3d program that lets you make 3d objects and landscapes. I don't have an example to post here which is exactly my point!

I have been so busy doing other things that I haven't had a chance to play around with my graphics programs. There's a lot of potential associated with these programs. I read an article about jewelery makers who use 3d programs to design their jewelery. And of course hopefully you have heard about those cgi created animations that they use in today's movies. But beside that its just a lot of fun. Don't get me wrong making 3d graphics involves a lot of detailed work but it is fun to do. It can also be a profitable thing to do as well if you're proficient enough at it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"I Can't"

I hear a lot of people who say "I can't" do this or that. What about the things that you CAN do? I see a lot of posts on message boards saying this exact thing and the first thought that comes to my mind is that the one thing that they all seem to do have is access to a computer. Now I can't tell sometimes whether or not the computer they are using is their own or whether they are using a public access computer like those that can be used from a public library or such.

If you're using a public access computer that doesn't mean that there isn't no hope for you. Your resources and opportunities are decreased but they are not gone. I'm thinking that you can save up enough money to buy a computer so that you will be able to have one of your own which you can work on at any time of the day and when you feel like it. A good starting computer can be had for under $1000. Now that may seem like a lot of money to some people but you have to look at it as an investment.

If you're working in a job that you hate stick with it until you can save up enough money to buy your own computer so that you can start a business of your own. The fact that you know that you are saving to "invest" in a computer of your own will help ease the hate and stress that you feel from your job.

What if you're not working now? What is it that you want to do? What is your dream job?

There is this sage piece of advice that says that everyone was put on this planet for a reason. What if you don't know your reason? Another piece of sage advice says to "make it up". What does that mean? It means that if you don't know what it is that you want to do - then that is your job for now - finding out what it is that you want to do. What do you do in the meantime? Well its quite obvious that you are going to have to make a living unless you marry someone rich or get some kind of big inheritance. You may have to "buckle down" and get a "normal" job but remember this isn't something that you have to tie yourself too forever. It could be that while working this "normal" job you will find what it is that you want to do.

What if you don't want a "normal" job or you're having a hard time finding a job. Here's another piece of sage advice - Make One Up! What does that mean? It means that if you can't find a job make one of your own! As I have said many times before there are two ways of making money. The fastest way is to find a need and fill it. Many millionaires have been made because they used this exact method! Look around you. Is there a need that needs to be filled? Can you do yardwork, run errands, walk dogs, babysit?

The second way (which I think is the best way) is to take something that you love and turn that into a business. Again, many millionaires have been made because they followed this advice.

I'll use myself as an example. One of the many services that I provide is grant research. What made me go into that field? Because of my work with helping people to realize their dream job(s) the subject of grants came up. There were two sets of people and their views concerning grants. One group said that they were no grants and the second group said there were. Since this was so confusing to me I decided to find out on my own (not realizing that I had already been doing this kind of thing for years) and what I found out was just amazing! The bottom line is that I found out that there were such programs everywhere! And since people didn't believe me when I told them so another career was born! This would be a very good thing for you to remember also and that is just because someone says that it isn't possible doesn't make it true. What's so surprising to me is that a lot of the so-called experts in this field don't know the things that I do. Social service agencies that are supposed to know about these programs don't and will tell anybody that asks that they don't exist. They just don't know about them that's all.

So I decided to take it upon myself and find out for myself and I'm glad that I did that. It takes a lot to go against the norm but if your will and desire are strong enough you can do almost anything!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Another Millionaire!

It's so fascinating what one can do if they really put their minds to it! This man is a millionaire many times over! Imagine being able to write a check for $650,000!

Teachers Becoming Part-time Entrepreneurs

Very interesting article about how teachers can earn money part-time. This isn't a scam because you work for yourself and not for a company. You start your own business tutoring others. And who better to tutor than teachers!

MySpace and You

I was watching a rerun episode of Dr. Phil and it was a show about people seeking fame and fortune. One of the guests was a woman who's an actress and model who has a MySpace page with over 2,000 "friends". On her myspace page she has pictures from her modeling sessions and I mention that to say that those pictures aren't as explicit as some of the other MySpace members' pictures are - they look tastefully and professionally done.

The reason why I am mentioning this is because you never know where opportunities lie. A lot of people have used their MySpace pages as a networking resource and the group that comes most to mind are the musicians and their groups. They can have samples of music on their site as well as a list of tour dates and of course MySpace lets you have a blog as well.

I have also seen record companies have a page on MySpace as well as a number of well-known celebrities.

So another good tool to have in your pool of resources is to have a MySpace page. To go to MySpace's main page just click here, take a look around at some of the other members' pages just to see how their pages (and how your page could) look.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Let's face it - there is a lot of sex on the internet! The online sex industry makes millions of dollars per year! So it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that a lot of people want to get in on it. One of the ways that they think that they can do this is with having their own webcam website. You can see my previous posts about using a webcam for your business by clicking here and you can also read about some of the information relating to starting a webcam business on my consultation page.

Even I could do it if I had the nerve but really I don't.

What would you need to start such a business? Well the first question I would ask is how are you going to make money with it? Usually the most popular way is to charge for access to your website with your webcam pictures. This means that you should first have a website that is accessible to all but then in order for them to view your special pages they would have to sign up and pay for membership. Lots of sex sites operate this way. And just as other business-related websites do you can have different options of payment. You can accept checks, credit cards and the like. I have even seen such sites accept cash.

Of course you're going to need a webcam and a website (unless you're doing "personal" pictures or requests only. I have talked many times about the number of free hosted websites that are on the Internet but in this case you'll have to check and see if they will allow such content in their terms of agreement. There are a few free web-hosted sites that will let you have an adult-oriented website for free.

I have also talked a lot about affiliate ads and there are some that are specifically targeted to mature adult material - however Google's Adsense is not one of them - but there are others.

Once you have your site up you'll have to start letting people know that your site is up and ready for business - which means that you have to generate a "buzz" for your site. Doing this requires doing the same methods for generation traffic to any site. There are free ways of generating traffic to your site as well as using methods or products or services that you have to pay for to generate traffic to your site.

Although sex sites are not for everybody you do have to admit that they generate a lot of revenue! - and some people want to be able to get some of that money!