Sunday, November 11, 2012

Customizing Blog Templates?

Here is another work from home idea that may interest you.

Of course you know that the internet is filled with blogs - in fact you're reading one right now! But what you may not know is that people - bloggers to be more exact - are looking for ways to customize their own blogs. They may be tired or bored with the templates that their blog sites are offering and may want to have a design of their own - something more personalized and/or customized for their own blog.

There are numerous sites all over the Internet that offer free blog templates but a blogger may want something that is not offered on these sites - and that is where you come in!

You can design custom blog templates for bloggers and sell them from your very own site (or blog).

Mind you, this is a specialized kind of work and you would have to know html and CSS and you might even have to design a graphic or two! But if you have a lot of experience with blogs then this is something that you might want to look into. Even if you don't know html it still may be possible for you to custom-design graphics if you are good at making graphics. Just think about, if you have your own computer then it would hopefully have a graphic-making program already included. Since I have the Windows operating system, I have the Windows "Paint" program which can certainly be used to design a graphic or two. I also have Microsoft Word which comes with its own graphics program as well.

Creating logos is a very popular work at home thing that you can try with these programs as well! Businesses and organizations are always looking for a good logo. As a matter of fact I have seen sites where places are asking for logos and you have to be careful because you don't want to give away your work for free!

I really suggest that you take a look and see what kind of graphics/drawing programs that you have on your computer. Open them up and play around with them for a little while. You can also do a search online for free graphic programs, you can visit my blog, The 3D Beginner to find free graphic programs that you can download.

This is a very good work at home idea that you can try for yourself. I think that I'm going to try it myself just to show that it is possible! Using a simple program like the Windows "Paint" program to create logos and graphics that you will be able to sell.

How would you sell them? Well first you would create a couple of designs and put them on a website or blog of your own - you should be able to find free websites online as well as sites that will let you blog for free. Set up your own site and upload the graphics that you created and offer them for sale. Now there is the question of people "grabbing" your graphics without paying for them but there are some simple solutions for that. Number 1 you could "watermark" your graphics and number 2 you could upload "sample" graphics just to show what you are capable of doing as far as creating graphics are concerned.

So do some checking on your computer to see what kind of graphis programs that you have, play around with the program to see what you can come up with.


I have created a logos page where I have created a few simple logos (and graphics) using the simple program "Paint" that came with my Windows system.

Hopefully this will give you a general idea of what can be done with such a simple program!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Getting Paid To Smoke Marijuana?

This is not exactly a "work from home opportunity but it is another way to earn extra money.

Did you know that you could actually get paid to smoke weed! There are actual research organizations that will pay you to smoke pot!

Here is an example of one such program that I found for a client from my Grant Basics 101 Blog:

$800 For Pot Smokers!

Need Men & Women!

Participate in a 2 week study on the effects of marijuana on sleep. Study involves sleeping in our laboratory Monday through Thursday nights with one night of sleep deprivation. You must be:

  • Between the ages of 21 and 45 years old

  • Able to come to the lab to sleep Monday through Thursday nights for two weeks

  • Able to stay awake one full night and the next day without any sleep

Earn up to $800 for your participation!

As hard as it is to believe you could actually get paid to smoke marijuana!

Friday, August 31, 2012

How About Creating Your Very Own Podcast!

I am sure that I mentioned many times on this blog about podcasting. What is podcasting? Well it's like having your own show on the Internet.

How do you create your own podcast? Well it's kind of simple really! What you do is record your show the way you want it to be and then you upload it to one of the free podcasting sites and there you have it - your own show! Of course you have to read the guidelines of the free podcasting site that you are using because on some of them you can't use copyrighted music - so check their rules first.

What can I podcast about? That's the beauty of it because you can podcast about almost anything you like! I recently created a podcast for where I live:

LaMott Podcast

How Can You Make Money With Your Podcast? Well the most obvious answer is that you can sell advertising time on your podcast - just like they do at radio stations! The more popular your podcast the more potential for more advertisers who will want to advertise on your podcast.

The tools you'll need should be relatively simple and most of the tools you will need should already be a part of your computer. You just need a microphone, a way (program) to record your show and since the most acceptable upload format is .mp3 you will need a program that will convert your show to an .mp3 format.

You'd be surprised and amazed at the number of topics that are on the Internet in the form of podcasts.

If you're feeling nervous or anxious or are just feeling afraid to try, then you might want to take a listen to some of the podcasts that are already out there and then you will see how it can be possible for you to have your very own podcast!

Who knows? You might even become a star!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How To Make Money With Your Blog!

Many times I have blogged about how you can make money with your blog! I, myself, have earned money from blogging. One of the ways that I have done this is by using Google's Adsense program but there are many, many other ways that you can make money blogging.

Here is another blog post that I have found online about how you can make money with your blog. It is a very interesting read and this blog post can be helpful to those who are just starting out.

How To Make Money With Your Blog

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"How Can I Make Money Using My Webcam?"

I received this comment:

"How can I make my own webpage and how can I use my webcam to make money online?"

First of all to find out more about webpages and webpage designs, please visit my blog, Rose's WebPage Designs where I talk about my webpage design business and where I answer questions about webpages and webpage designs.

There are many free online webpage sites where you can make your own website for free and if you just do a search you should be able to find some sites that will let you make a webpage for free.

Hopefully some of these sites with come with pre-made website designs that you can use so that you won't have to learn web page designing.

You could also hire a webpage designer (like me-LOL) to design your webpage(s) for you.

Using your webcam to help you make money may be a little complicated depending on the content of your webcam.

If your webcam content is non-sexual then you should be alright as far as webpage terms are concerned because there are a lot of webhosting sites that will not let you post content of a sexual nature. On the other hand there are webhosting sites out there that are specifically geared towards letting you post content of a sexual nature. You will have to do an online search to find them.

The basic way that this works is that you charge a fee for letting others see your webcam pictures. You secure your site so that it can't be viewed until your fee is paid. You can start off with a basic welcome page to show your potential subscribers what they will be getting for their subscription. You can also do this kind of thing on a "private" basis where you can accept requests - again for a fee.

It is a fact of life that sex sells and there have been a lot of people who have made money using their webcams. It seems that you are only limited by your own imagination!

Comments / Responses Received

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You Can Even Use Twitter To Help You Earn Money From Home!

Did you know that there are some people out there who are actually making money with Twitter? (I actually happen to be one of them )

I'm sure that I have mentioned this before about being able to make money using Twitter but I happened upon an online blog article that talked more about it. The name of the blog post is Why Twitter Can Help You In Your Bid To Make Money Online.

I, myself belong to SponsoredTweets and this is where I am able to make money by using my Twitter account. If you would like to know more about SponsoredTweets and how you can earn money with them just click here.

Famous celebrities like Kim Kardashin have made as much as $10,000 using this program!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Do You Get Started Working From Home?

Here is a question that I received in my email:

My name is J and I just came across your site. I was wondering if you would have any information about how to get started working from home and where to get jobs (mainly writing)?

First of all thank you for your email!

Well I am a firm believer in taking what you love and turning that into a business but a lot of people don't want to go that way. They are looking for fast and easy ways to make money on the Internet but sometimes those "fast" ways are not the best ways! If you take something that you love to do and are able to sell that online then this is a very good way to start making money online.

A lot of people have found success at using Google's Adsense program to make money online. You can read about how much money some people have made with the Adsense program by clicking here. You can also find out more about the Adsense program by clicking here. Basically what the Adsense program is about is that you set up a website or blog, join the Adsense program and then place ads on your site. When visitors to your site click on these ads - that is where you earn money.

Another new thing that I am noticing is that there are a lot of sites that now have job openings for blog writers. I have seen a lot of these sites cropping up now and they list job opportunities for blog writers. Some of the pay is good and - unfortunately - some of it is not!

If you are interested in finding some blog-writing jobs, just do some searching online and you will find lots of links to different sites that are offering this BUT you have to be very careful when you investigate these sites because you want to make sure that these sites are legitmate!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The IRS Is Outsourcing..............................

If anything, here may be yet another reason that you may want to consider working from home!

Although this may be old news, there still may be some people out there that don't know that the IRS is outsourcing their work to areas outside the United States.

What this means is that the IRS is choosing to go the route of paying less money in expenses - ie hiring and paying workers who are paid less money and hiring workers that are outside the United States.

What this means for us is that there are less jobs out there.

I came across a very interesting article online about the IRS outsourcing its work. The article is called Don't Mess With Taxes - Another strike for IRS outsourcing.

Be sure to tell me what you think about this article and the fact that the IRS is outsourcing work to another country.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Have You Ever Thought About Teaching Music Online?

Here is another great working from home idea and that idea is to teach music - online!

Do you know that there is someone who actually became a millionaire just by teaching music online!

Again this is a very good example of someone who used their passion as their career!

You might be thinking how you could be able to teach someone online how to play music but it is something that can be done (and is being done now).

How could you teach music online? Well here are a few ideas. You can create and record lesson plans and sell those lesson plans in CD form or you could upload them to a website of your own and sell them that way.

You could also start a related newsletter and either charge for it or charge advertisers to advertise on it.

If anything, the fact that one person chose this kind of career and was actually able to become a millionaire by pursuing his passion, this should be something that can both motivate and inspire you into action!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here Is ANOTHER Good Reason To Have A Blog!

Here is another very good reason to have a blog! I just visited an online blog from a woman who has her own very successful photography business.

On her blog she states that she does NO advertising!

Here is another quote from her site:

"but in my business we don’t measure the success of our web presence by the number of page views we receive or the number of comments posted. Instead, I measure its success by the type of clients that we book and how educated they are about our products and services when they approach us."

I think that this is a very important thing that you should keep in mind when you have or are thinking about starting your own business!

Having a blog is a very good idea and its something that is relatively easy to do - plus - you can start your own blog for free on the Internet.

So the next time that you think that having a blog will do no good, I suggest you take a look at this blog!

I Don't Do Any Advertising - All I Have Is A Blog

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Don't Use Automated Check-Out Machines at Supermarkets?

Even though this is a working from home blog, I came upon a very interesting blog post online.

The blog post was about automated checkout machines at supermarkets and how they take away from using the cashiers at the supermarket.

I honestly have to say that I am quite torn about this because I can really see both sides of this. Number one I used to be a supermarket cashier myself before I started working at home for myself. And honestly I have to say that I really hated this job. I had to stand on my feet all day, got ruly and rude customers and I hated working 6 days a week with only one day off.

On the plus side, however, it was a steady and regular paycheck!

Now when I shop at the supermarket I used the automatic/self-serve registers because I like bagging my own groceries. But I know that my opinion is only one and I am curious to hear what others have to say about this.

Do the self-serve automatic registers take away from the cashiers that work at the supermarket? What is your opinion of this?

Don't Use Automated CheckOut Machines At The Supermarkets