Thursday, June 09, 2005

Grant Question - Personal/Finacial and Buying a Car?

"Is there such a thing as a personal grant? I've looked for a grant to support the purchase of a house and/or vehicle,  and I can't find one? Is there such a thing as a personal grant and how do I get one? Thanks in advance."

There are grants that are known as emergency financial grants.  Besides giving cash assistance there are grants that help with utility bills, food and home repairs.

There was a recent announce of a new government program allocating over $2 Million dollars over the next 4 years to help low-incomed people who want to own a home.  The program is supposed to help those achieve the "American Dream" of owning a home.  There are already older programs that have already been in place to help with ownership.  For example to help with stimulating growth in some areas/localities there are grants for both the purchase and rehabilitation of homes in certain areas.  One particular program provides two grants - one for purchasing the home and an additional one to rehab the home. 

As far as the car is concerned, there is the example of a foundation asking the government to fund the financing of a car for those that lived in rural areas to help them decrease the feelings of isolation.  There is also a new program in Ohio that is sort of a grant program in order to prevent some kind of emergency, causing someone to lose employment. It has been used it to help people get car repairs, get insurance covered, and there is someone now who is actually applying to get some help to buy a car.

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