Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Being A Webcam Model?

No sooner do I post a blog entry about being (or becoming) a webcam model do I see a tv show talking about women who earn their living as webcam models. They are a diverse group of women. One has a teenage son who knows what his mother is doing but that is ALL he wants to know. Another woman has her parents as partners in her webcam business - if you can imagine that! Her father does the business side and her mother does the production side.

Their stories are very interesting. One woman said that she was a dental assistant but she felt burned out and wanted to try something else.

So being a webcam model is not as unusual as one would think. It is a simple enough thing to do as long as you have a webcam, a website and having a microphone while not mandatory would be a good thing to have. A lot of these woman use an online service so they don't have to worry about the details. All they have to do is get people to view their webcam and chat with them. I heard one woman say that she earned $1,000 in one night! Other women - who want to eliminate the middle man - choose to host their own sites and webcam page. *One thing I should tell you is that Paypal will not let you do transactions of a sexual nature. But there are alternative ways of accepting payments from clients/customers.

Beside the women that are webcam models there were other women featured in the story. One woman satisfies men that have a foot fetish. (If you don't know what that means I'm not going to tell you). Another woman was a legitimate sex therapist who helps people who have sexual problems. Her clients are referred to her from psychotherapists.

So whether you want to admit it or not - sex sells!

Comments Received

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