Monday, April 18, 2011

More Jobs Than You Can Do From Home

There are businesses out there that let you work from home!

I found an online article about a woman who wanted to quit her coporate job so that she could work from home and she found a lot of work from home scams out there but she finally managed to find a legitimate company that hires people to work from their homes.

Within 2 years she was earning $2,000 a month working 30 - 35 hours per week!

There are still some legitimate businesses out there that enable you to work from home acting as customer service representatives. There is a list of companies that are hiring people to work from home.

Starting a web business was another recommendation - one that I have often blogged about many times before. You could take a hobby and turn it into a web business of your own!

Another very good suggestion is that you might want to consider becoming a mystery shopper BUT be very careful about this. Do some checking and some research online about how to become a mystery shopper so that you don't get involved in any kind of scams!