Thursday, June 09, 2005

From the U.K. - Grants For Humanitarian Organizations -

Does this sound like your organization?

"Which are the foundation’s/grant’s priorities (goals, objectives)? Grants to charitable organisations that: combat violations of human rights and help victims of torture, refugees from oppression and those who have been falsely imprisoned; help those who have suffered severe bodily or mental hurt through no fault of their own, and if need be help their dependants: try in some way to offset man's inhumanity to man; oppose the extinction of the world's fauna and flora and the destruction of the environment for wildlife and for mankind worldwide"

There is no official application that has to be submitted.  What the foundation does request is that you send a letter outling the reasons why you are seeking the grant, the grant amount and what the grant will be used for.  There is no set amount for the amount of the grant because each letter is judged individually by the foundation's board.  In the foundation's own words "Those organizations that help with supporting refugees will more than likely be funded".

This is one of the rare foundations that do not have a website.  Letters must be sent by regular postal mail.  However there is no deadline period for this grant which means you can submit your letter at any time.

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