Tuesday, June 21, 2005

There are some bad apples of there

I have been reading this site and would like to tell you that I have been involved with (name deleted) for almost a year.  My son was dealing with her on a business grant and then she called him to say that there were some personal grants available and to tell his family that they were available....I spoke with her and  she said they would be $300.00 each and would take a few months....That was last September....I have numerous calls and emails from her with all kind of excuses....Even my daughter sent her money....Guess we have been taken.....Also, my son's business grant never materialized.....That was $250.00.

The one thing that I have to emphasize about grants (and the whole process of getting them) is that a grant cannot be guarenteed!  Your grant application is not the only application that is being submitted.  The one(s) awarded the grant are the ones that best meets the objectives/requirements of the grant.  The decision as to who gets the grant is not open to the public.  Of course later (as a matter of public record) you can see WHO received the grant.

Before I take on a new client or customer I first have them fill out a questionaire so that I can get a good idea of what it is that they are seeking. 

If you would like to see the questions, here is the URL:


Once they answer the 4 or 5 questions I can get a good idea of what it is they are looking for and I'll be better able to know if I can take them as a client.  Once I receive payment then I can start the research process and find funding resources available to them (according to what they have answered to the questions).  That research is compiled and organized and sent to the client so that they will have a copy for themselves regardless of whether or not they decide to use me as the grantwriter or they decide to write/go through the process themselves.  Since my basic research package is for 30 days, the client also gets an online file to show the progress of the research (yeah I know - I'm a computer nut - but hey - as long as I know how to do this I might as well use it to benefit the customer and make them feel better at ease.)

Every grantwriter/researcher has their own way of doing things but having some kind of receipt or progress report or something to show what they are doing or have been doing should be a basic part of the service.

Another point that I would like to make is that I can see this in a totally different perspective.  Matthew Lesko has been scrutinized by the FTC who want to find the "scams" out there and bring this to their attention would shed light on those that are really the scams.  There is so much information on line about how getting grants is a scam - why not weed out and bring the scams to light.

I know that you may not want to get involved but maybe you can use a third party to shed some light on this person.

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