Sunday, March 12, 2006

Starting A Webcam Business?

Well it doesn't take too much to start a webcam business.  Of course you will need a webcam and depending upon whether or not you want to be able to streamline(show live pictures) or just offer stand alone webcam shots there are some basic things that apply.

I have a webcam page.

If you look at the page you will see the latest webcam shot that I took.  Now streamlining (in my case) is proving to be difficult because I'm still not getting the setting right to be able to upload the latest webcam shots.  But if streamlining is something that you want to do and you don't want to be bothered too much with the technical aspects of uploading recent webcam shots there are websites that will do that for you.  Me on the other hand - I'm going to figure out what it is that I'm not doing right and as soon as I do you will be seeing streamlining on my webcam page.

But getting back to those of you that want to start your own webcam business like I said before you will need a webcam.  I have a logitech webcam which cost me less than $50 and this was sometime ago.  Of course there are more sophisticated webcams out there now.  Hopefully you already have a webcam that came with your computer but if you don't you will want to make sure that the webcam that you do get will be compatible with your computer.  You should be able to find this out by looking on the webcam's packaging.  If not you can always ask the salesperson for help.

Of course you will also need a webpage.  If your Internet Service Provider doesn't provide you with your own webspace then you can use one of the free webhosting sites online.  And that is what a lot of people do now!  There are also some websites that are specifically for webcam users so that's an additional option that you should look into as well.

Since this will be your business you are also going to have to decide how you will be paid.  Are you going to charge for membership/access to your webcam page?  Are you going to accept advertising?  Are you going to "freelance" and take on specific webcam shots for clients?  Or you can do a combination of them all! 

How will you accept payment?  You can accept cash, credit card, money orders and/or checks.  Each has their own specific process for being able to accept that kind of payment.  For instance being able to take credit card payments will require either you having a merchant account or going through a third party.

There are countless examples of those who are doing exactly this - having a webcam business online and they all don't have to do with sex.

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