Friday, July 27, 2007

Have You Ever Thought Of Starting Your Own Music Label?

I got an email from an aspiring singer who wanted help in spreading the word about her music. She does have a myspace page. But it did get me to thinking about how one could start their own record label.

Many of the famous rap stars have started their own labels and they do it from the comfort of their own home! Now you may not have to the money to buy sophisticated equipment but you have some good tools right in front of you if your computer is relative new. You could record your songs and put them to CD and distribute/sell those CDs. Besides being a singer or musician you would also be a producer. You could get an internet radio station like mine and promote your own music! You could also create your own podcast for free and promote your own music.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"I Want To Become A Webcam Model"

I Want To Become A Webcam Model

Like I have said many times before: Sex Sells!

I guess that's why so many people are looking online to find out how they can become a webcam model. How do I know this? Because someone did a search for I Want To Become A Webcam Model on google and a link to my blog showed up on the first page of google's search engine results. That's my blog showing up on page one of over 2 Million other links!

What's the lure of becoming a webcam model? Why do so many people (even males) want to become a webcam model? Maybe its just the lure of being able to make a lot of money in the privacy of one's own home. And guess what? No matter what your type there is probably a market out there for it! I have seen where a woman in her 70's runs a very successful website featuring herself and her webcam - so if you think that nobody would be interested in seeing you then you are probably wrong!

So what does it take to become a sucessful webcam model? Well the more customers you have the more money you can potentially make. You can either set up your own webcam model site or you can join a site that will take care of the "business side" of it for you. And there are many of these webcam model sites where you can join and be a part of a bigger group.

Or you can set up a site of your own. About the biggest hurdles you will face is finding a place that will process payments for you. Like I have said in other posts Paypal doesn't allow for payments of an adult nature so you will have to find another way to process your payments. But with all of the different webcam model sites out there by individuals there must be companies that will process credit card payments for you.

You will also have to have a hosting site that will allow for adult material. There are some of those kinds of sites out there - both free sites and paid sites.

If you decide to go it alone you will need a webcam and a website. You will also have to get the word out about your new site. The more people that know about your site the more money you can potentially make.

You also have a lot of other resources available to you such as netmeeting, chats, "widgets" where people can leave you messages and a lot more resources as well.

If I haven't said it before then I will say it again!


Update 8/27/12 - This seems to be a very popular blog post as I am getting a lot of replies and a lot of them are from those who are trying to advertise / spam my blog. Like I said, this is a very popular blog post and people are responding with links to websites where there are still a lot of people that claim to be making money online with their webcam.

Comments Received

added 8/14/12

Hey! Natasha here I've been camming for about 1 year now and I'm SOO happy I decided to sign up and make extra $$...GUYS, GIRLS, COUPLES - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! ... All you need is a good personality, high-speed internet connection and a webcam. (Preferably HIGH DEF with SOUND) I use the Logitech Pro 9000 :)) I make on an average $25-$35 per hour and I work about 4 hours x 5 days a week :)) The MORE you WORK the MORE you EARN!! obvi ;) AND YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING YOU'RE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH! I get weekly payments every Thursday thru direct deposit, but you can also choose to get paid thru Payoneer or check. ITS THE QUICKEST way Ive ever made money :)) TRUST ME if you've ever thought about webcam modeling, NOW is the time and if you have ANY questions I will gladly answer them to the best of my ability.... IT' S WORTH A LOOK.. TRUST ME!

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

What If You Wanted To Be A Fashion Designer?

I have to change that title to:

What If You Wanted To Be A SUCCESSFUL Fashion Designer?

Well if you are starting from scratch one of the best things that you should do is get some designs created. Once you have designed some clothing take a picture of them and put them online on your own website or blog. As I have said many times before you can get a free website and a free blog.

You also should try to sell your fashion designs on Ebay.

Of course let's not overlook all the things that you can do offline as well.

Design a business card. Design a flyer. Distribute both whenever and where ever you can!

Also I am aware of some grant programs that you should apply for if you are seeking funding to start your fashion design business.

What people don't seem to be aware of is that you have a lot of resources at hand to help you achieve the dreams that you desire.

Instead of complaining what you can't do, be grateful for the things that you CAN do!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Question Of Money!

A lot of people want to work from home but the big question is the question of money.

How soon you make money is going to depend on you!

If you are going to quit your job then hopefully you will have some money saved to help support you for at least a year - but I know that a lot of people don't plan for that.

How about continuing to work, saving money while you start your business on a part time basis?

People seem to be looking for ways to work at home but they want to make money as soon as possible. Now I have mentioned Google's Adsense program as a great way to make money but you are not going to make any adsense money for at least 30 days and that is going to depend on how well your website or blog is doing.

I'm beginning to think that this is one of the reasons why so many people want to be able to work for a company while they work at home because they feel that the company will pay them first. I only know of 2 such companies that I would recommend as good work from home companies and I recommend them to all of my clients that want to know about them. But other than that I haven't found any other legitimate work at home companies. If you know of any and you think it would benefit people to know about them then you can post your comments about them.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Read About Someone Who Really Works From Home (besides me-LOL!)

Here is a very good example of someone who works from home.

She describes it as a telecommuting job - something that a lot of people want to be able to do. She has been with this company for a while and sometimes that is one of the requirements of being able to have a telecommuting job.

Working for a company that you have been an employee of is far better than applying for a telecommuting job at a company where you have never worked before.

But at least this is a good example of someone who actually has a telecommuting job who works from home.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Myspace "Expert"?

I was at Myspace and an idea hit me! There are a lot of famous celebrities that have myspace pages however I'm quite sure that they don't maintain the pages themselves - they have other people do it for them. That is where YOU could come in. You can advertise and promote yourself as a Myspace expert. What makes one a Myspace expert? Someone that has a myspace page which they maintain and have maintained for a while - you can then consider yourself a myspace expert.

But its not just celebrities that may need your expertise. What about those professional organizations, including businesses that are just too busy to work and maintain their myspace page? Myspace has become hugely popular as a great site to network in and that is why there are so many different varieties of people, businesses and organizations that have (or would like to have) a myspace page.

A good way to let the world know that you are a Myspace expert/consultant is to tell them. Create a website, design some flyers and pass them around and don't forget to make business cards and pass them around.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do You Have Your Own Ministry?

I used to work at a gospel music station back in the 80's and 90's - things have changed a lot since then. BTW here is a link to my Internet Radio Station:

LaMott Radio

However there are a lot of people (both men and women) that have their own ministries and there are lots of things that they can do to help bring more attention to their ministries.

Like I mentioned above I have an Internet Radio Station so why can't you have one for your own ministry? You will reach a more wider audience because the Internet is all over the world and open 24/7! Now there is a fee with having your own internet radio station and you are going to have to decide whether the cost will be worth it. (I made my decision that having my own Internet Radio Station was well worth the cost!)

But there is a way to have your own broadcast without having to pay a fee for it. All you have to do is start your own podcast. You can record your ministy teachings and include contact information for others to reach you. Put up a corresponding webpage and add Paypal so that you can get donations. Put an online version of your ministry on the Internet. some ministries may have qualms about having Adsense on their sites but if you don't this is another great way to earn revenue from your website or blog.

And since I mentioned blogs - Does your ministry have a blog? If not is should! If for no other reason than other people from all over the world being able to see and read it!

There are so many ideas for increasing your ministry's income and with the Internet the number of those ideas just go on and on and on and on!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finding A Job At Age 53?

Someone was doing a search for this and I'm guessing that at age 53 they are out of work and looking for a job.

It's really a shame to see all the companies that are laying off workers - workers who have been at that job for over 10 years - and now they are being layed off.

Well there are two ways to go when looking for a job - regardless of what your age is:

Number one is finding a job where you work for someone else. There is just no way around applying to every place that you can. Put in a job application at every place that you can. Be ready for those job interviews when they come up. Have your resume ready. And if time passes and you still haven't gotten a job guess what you have to do? APPLY AGAIN! That's right - start the whole process all over again! Remember until you find a job, finding a job IS your job!

Number 2 is working for yourself. If you have recently been layed off hopefully you have some money saved while you're able to start your own business. I know that there are a number of grant programs that are out there to help you finance starting your own business.

What kind of business could you start? What kind of business would you like to start? Can you do yard work, babysitting, daycare or start a cleaning business? These have been suggested as good businesses to start because there is always a need for such services.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

101 Ways To Make Money Online

Something else I wish that I could take the credit for but I can't!

This is a ginormous list of different ways to make money online. I especially like the end of the article where the author said that he was tired of everyone asking him how he was making money online so that is why he made the list.

You're going to laugh at a few of them. Some of them are downright unethical and some of them are just pure genius! You should be able to find at least one or two things on this list that you can use to start making money online. A lot of the things suggested on the list are quite simple and quite easy to do. I especially like the one that says to become an expert at something.

Everybody has a genius in them - no matter what other people say. You could be an expert at something right now but don't know it!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Single Mothers That Want To Stay At Home

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be able to stay at home and work from home - especially if you are a single mother that wants to be able to stay home with her kids.

While I have seen a lot of "work-at-home opportunities" being advertised I know of only 2 that I really trust. These two companies let you work from home using your computer and your phone. A lot of their workers are disabled people who welcome the chance to be able to work from home and be able to earn income from a work at home job. Both companies let you work from home answering calls. They are the only two companies that I would recommend if you wanted to work from home. They don't offer benefits but at least you would be able to choose your own hours. Also too, these companies don't work in every state so you have to check and see if they are available in your area.

I am more for one starting their own business as opposed to working for someone else but a lot of single mothers just fear that they don't know or don't have a skill that they can use to work from home.

Then there is the question of money and getting paid. A lot of people feel more secure if they work for a company - that way their income is guarenteed. The problem is finding a company that will let you work from home.

There are many single mothers who have started their own work at home businesses. What kind of businesses have they started? How about starting your own daycare business? As a single mom you surely know how hard it is to get daycare and how even harder it is to get affordable daycare.

Some people don't like this suggestion because it involves a lot of work. I have seen some single women (and mothers) start their own webcam business. This is not a business for everyone but it is a business that you can start with little money. If you already have the computer, webcam and Internet access then you are already well on your way. Webcam models make a lot of money! And they make a lot more money when they work for theirselves as opposed to working for someone else.

A lot of people have managed to start a successful business buying and selling on Ebay.

If you are thinking about wanting to start your own business and want to run your idea past me then you can post a comment to see what I have to say.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How Much Profit Will I Make Running A Daycare?

That is totally going to depend on YOU!

The very first thing that you should have is a business plan. It doesn't have to be a complicated business plan. You can download simple templates off the internet or you can go to the library or bookstore to find examples of business plans.

With your business plan you can determine how much money you would have to make in order to turn a profit. You take your assests and subtract your expenses and that would give you your profit.

Most of your income will come from how much you charge per child. People who want to start their own daycare often ask the question of how much they should charge for daycare. This is a simple answer to find out if you are willing to do some checking/researching online.

You can also have income from other sources relating to your daycare. How about putting up a website and accepting advertising? What about putting up a blog and accepting advertising - especially from Adsense!

There are just so may other ways to generate revenue. Like the wise ones have said - you are only limited by your imagination!

Let's Face It - Sex Sells!

A visitor got to my website because they were looking for information on how to start their own porn site. If you scroll down a few entries you will see a video from Ron Jeremy talking about how the Internet (and digital cameras/vcrs) have made it easier for people to start their own adult web sites.

Even if you didn't want to go that far there are still ways that you can make money. For instance I have a business plan called Business Plan XXX. It's a business plan for those that want to start their own online business by looking at sex sites. More information about this Business Plan XXX appears on my consultation page.

A lot of people are looking for information about how they can become a webcam model, how much money can one make by becoming a webcam model and so on.

It doesn't take much to start your own webcam model site. One of the biggest problems that you are going to have is to find a domain host that will let you put adult-oriented stuff on the Internet. But since there are so many sex sites on the Internet then there must be at least some webhosts that will let you put adult-oriented stuff up on the Internet.

Another big problem you will face is how you will be able to take payments. Paypal doesn't allow for payments of a sex related transaction. You may have to join a merchant card account that will let you accept these kinds of payments. These shouldn't be too hard for you to find if you do a simple search for the information.

A lot of people seem to think that there is easy money in being a webcam model and the fact of the matter is that this is true!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If You Are A Writer Would You Like A Publishing Contract?

Are you a writer? Have you written any stories - short stories, romantic stories, horror stories? How would you like to get a publishing contract? Does that sound good to you? Do you think its impossible for you to get a publishing contract? First of all you have to have faith and belief in yourself as a writer. You should also have some writing that you have already done to your credit - whether its published or not!

Did you know that there are writing contests? Did you know that some of these writing contests offer the winner a publishing contract? That could be you!

Did you know that the woman that wrote the hugely successful Harry Potter books got a writing grant? Did you know that she was a single mother who was living on welfare at one point? Originally she wrote the stories for her children.

There are definitely a lot of writing-related contests that you should be looking into but I do realize that there are a lot of contests out there that are a scam. Number one avoid entering contests where you have to pay to enter the contest. There are plenty of contests around that don't charge you a fee for entering. Number 2 the more famous the name sponsoring the contest the more better it should make you feel.

So go ahead and start looking for those legitimate writing contests - you could get a publishing contract out of it!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Would You Like To Get Paid Answering Surveys?

This information comes to you courtesy of The Adsense Consultant.

This website pays you for answering surveys online. I joined it yesterday and have already accumulated over $20 in my account. So I have a ways to go before I reach the minimum cash out amount of $75. You can get paid either by regular check or via your Paypal account but be forewarned that if you opt to get paid via your Paypal account they will deduct $25 doolars. So if you cash out at $75 you will only get $50.

They also have an affiliate program where you will get paid for those that you refer to their site and those people sign up. You get about $1 per referrel signup and that amount will be added to your account so you may reach the $75 limit sooner if you provide a lot of signups.

So you can visit the site to see if its something that you may be interested in.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Your Daycare Business

I do a lot of research work finding grant programs that clients are eligible to apply for and it just occurred to me that they can be so much more involved in running your own daycare business.

Did you know that lots of daycare businesses have a website? Why would they need a website? The better question is why doesn't YOUR daycare have a website? If anything it is good PR for your daycare business. Even if you just have the most basic information on your website that's a good start. You can sign up for a free webpage at one of the free webhosting sites. Add simple things like an email address and you have the means for visitors to your site to send you email. Include your website address on your business cards and on all of your daycare business-related literature - including your invoices. I saw one daycare business that has a website and that website includes webcam pictures of the children at play. Think of how comforting it would be for parents if they could go online and see how their children are doing!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It Seems That I'm Not The Only Person Working This Fourth Of July Holiday

I really have to learn to watch that! It's a nice day today - nice and breezy - so I have the windows open and I can smell the barbecues going on! But I can also hear some of the workers next door sawing and cutting and just doing some general work on a house.

Mind you I'm not ALL work and no play but it does seem that I'm working more lately.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Becoming A WebCam Model - It Seems To Be A Popular Topic!

It seems more and more people are interested in becoming a webcam model. I was checking some of my stats today and this seems to be a very popular topic!

There is one website that offers - I'm assuming women - the chance to take a video of themselves dancing to music. Then they upload the video to the website and they make a commission on it. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? But you could take this one step further and instead of having a "middleman" you can just upload your "sexy dancing" video to a website of your own! You could even take "special requests" via email, tape your video and then send it via email. I know that this sounds similar to YouTube but I don't think you can earn the money if you use YouTube (unless you use it as a "teaser" kind of thing. There is still the question of how you would take payment as Paypal doesn't allow for payment for things of a sexual nature. But there are some processing sites online that specifically cater to "adult" transactions. The website also goes on to say that this kind of thing would be a good supplemental income for those that dance professionally - yes I mean strippers, strip tease artists and the like.

Personally I have always been an advocate of one starting their own business as opposed to working for someone else but there are those that like having the security of working for someone else that handles the details. But the more control you have the more money you will make!

Monday, July 02, 2007


I just got finished posting on my Grant Basics 101 blog about a grant program for non-profit organizations that help encourage the sport of playing golf. If you don't know it the golfing industry is a billion dollar industry! But it got me to thinking about this blog.

If you have an interest in golf you can turn that into a career too! The most obvious way is to start a blog about your golfing interests. Add Adsense ads to your blog and accept ads from various golf-related advertisers. You can also start your own podcast - just like having your own golf talk show - and add golf-related advertisers. You can supplement this by having an offline newsletter relating to golf and you can have an online version of your offline newsletter - or visa versa!

I want to repeat that the golf industry is a billion dollar industry and if you can tap into that you are well on your way!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

105 Service Businesses to Start Today

Another piece of information that I can't take credit for but it is a very, very good blog post!

Some of the businesses on this list are ones that I have often recommended like starting your own pet service where you either pet-sit for other people's pets or provide a dog-walking service. I even remember seeing an ad in my local paper for a pet pooper scooper service!

A lot of other businesses on this list have to do with providing repairs on different types of things - like starting a sewing alteration business or providing repairs for household items.

If you take a good look at the list you may find something that you are very good at - good enough at to start your business with!