Thursday, June 23, 2005

DayCare Grants - Profit vs Non-profit

One of the most often asked grant questions have to do with those that want to start a daycare center.  It's about half and half as far as those who want their centers to be non-profit vs for-profit.

Daycare grants or grants relating to daycare can be found in different categories.  For instance let's use the category of by area.  Every state does not have the same program and sometimes a state won't have the program at all.  That's why one person in one state might not be able to get the same grant (or apply for the same grant) as say someone from another state that wants to open a daycare center.  For instance in one state there is a grant available to help buy equipment for daycare centers that are already established.  However to be eligible your daycare center has to be a licensed or registered childcare that is registered with the state and you must serve those who are considered to be low-incomed.  The purpose of this grant is to help improve the quality and provide more quality daycare services to help those that are considered low-incomed to have affordable daycare so that they can continue to keep their jobs.

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