Saturday, June 25, 2005

Germany-How would you like to buy a castle with a government grant of $250,000

You know this has finally convinced me that people just do not know what they are talking about when they say that there are no grants to do anything.

This grant is available in Germany.  Now of course the conditions of the properties are bad but it's a CASTLE for goodness sake!  This is probably a good investment for real estate investors.  One of the roadblocks to finding out about these properties is that the realtors don't get a commission on these properties so they will try to sell you something else.  Another roadblock is that the applications are in German!  (If you can get through that one then go for it!) One good thing is that the property taxes are low because they are considered historical buildings and by low I mean less than $1000 a year and on average about $400 per year.  You can inquire about the properties directly to the government or you can go through one of the realtors assigned to the properties.

And yes, Americans can apply!

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