Saturday, June 25, 2005

Grants - On a more personal note....

On a more personal note I have this whole subject of grants quite interesting.  Back when I was a "dream job" consultant this topic came up a lot (grants that is) and I found that there were people saying that there were grants and there were people that were saying that there were NO grants and they were quite emphatic about it.  So you know what I decided to do?  I decided to find out for myself.  And one of the things that I found out was that I had been dong this type of thing already without even knowing what it was called.  That was one thing I found out!

Another thing that I have found is that the people that say that there are no grants are wrong.  It is just as simple as that - they are wrong.  Have you taken a look at the government's website?  They have grants that are open to all - that includes individuals and for-profits.  Do you know that there are grants available for comic book writers and those that want to study/go to college and for those that want to start a business?

When someone says that there are no grants available I know that they are wrong.  And more importantly when they say that I'm wrong I know that I'm not - because if anything else my grants page at:

proves that there are grants out there.  I can understand people getting frustrated at not being able to find the information but if I can find it then it means that it is out there and you will just have to keep looking until you find it.  If there is any consolation just remember that the fact that the grant information is so hard to find will make it easier on you once you find it because that means that there will be less competition when you apply for the grant yourself.

Do not ask me to find grant information for you unless you are a client.  This kind of work involves a lot of detailed and tedious work and once you start looking for and finding this information on your own you will see why.

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