Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Law Of Attraction!

I have been doing some recent postings on the law of attraction. Simply stated the law of attraction says that what you focus on you will manifest and get.

I had posted that I really thought that the law of attraction was the reason that I got my cat! Unfortunately my previous cat died a few years ago and I have been wanting to get another one but I didn't. But I still had reminders of my cat around the house. Mostly it was because of my cat's toys that were still lying about. I still had my cat's food and water dish still around and just refused to part with them because I wanted them to stay when I got another cat.

I was always meaning to get another cat but I guessed that the law of attraction thought that I was taking too long and provided me with the opportunity to get another cat and that opportunity came up! A neighbor of mine's cat had kittens and he offered me one and I took him up on his offer! And that is my law of attraction story concerning my cat! So it really does look like the law of attraction really works!

I also try to apply the law of attraction to my financial life as well! If I think about being wealthy, focus my energy and vibrations on being wealthy then I should be able to manifest wealth!

I really can cite some instances where the law of attraction has worked for me financially. For instance you just never know where money (or clients for that matter) will come from! I have gotten clients that have quite literally come out of the blue! I have manifested money from sources that I didn't even know that I had or from sources that came out of nowhere!

I definitely know that the law of attraction has helped me in my business and my life and I really think that it would benefit you if you started to learn more about the law of attraction!

It could quite literally change your business and your life!

Monday, February 07, 2011

What Is Your Passion?

Nurture your'd be surprised at how many possible ways there are to make money with a hobby or obsession.