Wednesday, June 08, 2005

$20,000 Entrepreneurial Grant for those with a Business Plan

Hi Rose, Yes i am a minority and I am looking to start a restaurant. Please send me the info for the $20,000 grant you were referring to.

Thanks a lot.


The grant that I was referring to is one of the "entrepreneurial" grants that I was talking about.  In fact they call it an entrepreneurial grant.  One of the requirements is that you be between the ages of 21 and 30.  For those of my clients that fit that requirement I give them the information.  Sometimes even if they don't fit the requirement they still want the information.  There is more than one requirement and you have to be able to meet them all.  Another requirement is that you have a business plan because THAT has to be submitted as well.  There is also a deadline!

If you don't meet the requirements of this particular grant then you should review the other "entrepreneurial" grants that are available to those that want to start their own business.

Past recipients of this grant include a woman that started her own film company, a catering company and a women's spa. 

If you have a solid (and concise) business plan you should submit it to be considered for this grant.  Four grant awards of $20,000 each are given.

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