Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ontario - Grant Program to open a nursing home?

Still think that there are no grants?  Here's one in Canada

Grant Funding Available and Budget -Up to $100,000 in Foundation funding may be requested for the proposed innovation in nursing practice, payable up to 2 years (maximum of $50,000 per year). Grants may be requested for either a new project, or to bridge an existing pilot project that has demonstrated the potential to improve nursing practice, to sustain the outcomes or to broaden implementation of the innovation in nursing practice.At this stage, the Letter of Intent, you are asked to provide the total amount requested only. In the second stage, for those short listed and invited to submit a full proposal, a detailed budget will be required. While matching funds are not required, commitments from your organization and partners will support the feasibility of the project and longer term sustainability.

6. Eligibility The Proposed Project must: 
Be a innovation in nursing practice that develops implements and evaluates either
A new innovative intervention, process, or application, or Bridges a pilot program to sustainability of broader application  Address a topic within the one of the designated strategies: NOTE: Research projects, needs assessment, or evaluation of existing programs are not eligible.The Applicant must (REVISED December 17, 2005)

NOTE: Grants will be awarded for the project proposed-applicants do not have to be "a registered charity". Non Profit, private, for profit organizations are eligible to apply.

The contract for the Nursing Grants competition is being developed, and will be posted by mid January. The requirement that LOI applicants review and agree to the "letter of agreement" has been deleted from the LOI form.
Develop the application in consultation with front line nursing staff and nursing leaders in the organization
Have the capacity to achieve the proposed results.

Be located in, and carry out the project in Ontario

The last part above is very important in that the area/location of the area eligible for the grant is limited.  Now the deadline has already passed for this year.  What about next year though?

Pre-Movie Review - The Relic.....

When I post a movie review I like to compose it offline first instead of just typing it while I'm online. But this movie came on today and the subplot line about grants.....oh well then you know I have to talk about THAT! So this isn't my main review sort of like an added footnote.

I have always been fascinated by certain buildings like museums and zoos and the like and kind of knew somewhere in the back of my mind that they needed and were spending more money than what they got from being open to the public and this movie reminded me of it. We have people that work at the museum who rely on grants and funding like in the case of one of the main characters who relies on the grant to continue her work. And what is her work? Well (as far as I can get it) she has found a way to break down the composites of things that have multiple (for lack of a better word) composites. This of course would be very helpful in areas relating to science and even crime analysis!

From what I get from the movie she has already received the grant but must apply for it on a regular basis as it is also the way she pays for her staff. This brings out some good points about grants.

  • just because you were awarded a grant one year doesn't mean that you will automatically get it the next year. You will have to apply for it every time that you want it. In this movie she finds that a fellow worker will also be applying for the same grant that funds her work - which brings up another good point
  • you can always apply for more than one grant and people do just this such a thing!

One of the things that I didn't get was that she was preparing to speak in front of the people who are the grantors - a process that I thought was done by applying the regular way. Of course if I'm following the movie correctly this wouldn't be a government grant but one that is being funded by some kind of foundation.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

How much should I charge?

Here is an excerpt:

By now you've probably gotten the idea that grant writing is a lot of work, so even if you don't have a proven track record you need to charge enough to make it worth your while. You can charge by the hour but I wouldn't charge less than $50/hour even if you've never worked on a grant. That is rock bottom and if you've got a track record as a freelancer that's not much money. Some grant writers charge by the project, say 10% of the value of the grant. A grant that will bring in $1 million per year calls for correspondingly more work. If you're trying to establish yourself, you can work in a bonus if the proposal is funded, but either way, you get paid. If a client wants you to do most of the work in a short period of time (say, one month) charge them accordingly, or I promise you, it won't be worth your while.

Grant Research and Writing - Current fee schedule from the Writer's Market...

Still think I charge too much? Take a look at the Writer's Market has to say:

Government research: $35-50/hour.

Government writing: $30-50/hour. In Canada, $50-80/hour.

Grant proposal writing for nonprofits: $30-100/hour or flat fee.

And there are some places that charge much more than this. I also find it quite interesting that a higher fee is charged for government grant research as opposed to just searching for foundation and non-government sponsored grants.

This is very detailed work. Ever remember studying in the library with a stack of books all around you? All turned to a different page? It's kind of like that.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Free Tarot Scholarship?

Actually its a free 15 day trial of their course/software.  They decided to call it a scholarship.

But if you ever wanted to study tarot reading here's your chance!

Oh I forgot to mention....

The newstory also showed that the illegal immigrants were protesting because they want the government to give them free drivers licenses.  As a person that has to pay to have her driver's license renewed on a regular basis I don't agree with this at all!

Another example of your tax dollars at work!

Last night I had a chance to watch a newstory about illegal immigrants and this particular story was about the Georgia area. Now there is nothing new about illegal immigrants but what I found interesting about the story was the fact that over $50 Million Dollars in taxpayer money was spent to pay for their medical costs!

Another illegal alien managed to get a scholarship to go to school!

And people say that there is no free money
out there. The example above just proves that you are so

Here's a link to the story:

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Here's Another Option!

Did you know that there are organizations (not the government) that have grants, fellowships and scholarships for a variety of subjects!  For instance did you know that there is a $60,000 grant available for entrepreneurs!  You do not need to be a non-profit organization in fact if you are then you can't qualify.

As with most grants of this type there is a deadline (you still have a few more months to go)

More information about a government grant to open a comicbook store!

Do you know that there is an actual government grant for this!  There are some conditions though.  Number one you have to be a certain age limit and there is a limit on the population number of the area where you want the store to be located.  There are other guidelines and requirements that are required as well.

The main thing here is that this is a loan and not a grant but it is provided by the government and you pay back the loan based on your earnings.  This is a $5000 loan.  This may not be for you but you will never know until you find out more about it.

Government grant to open a comics shop?

Someone recently did a search looking for information about getting a government grant to open up a comics shop.  Interesting notion don't you think?  Here is a link to an interview with someone who is an actual comic book store owner.

Do you know that 2 comic book writers got a $5000 grant and a $20,000 loan from their government in Austraila!

So you want to get a government grant to open a comics shop?  A lot is going to depend on you!  Do you know that there is a grant available to you if you move your business to Canada?  Not what you're looking for?   How about this?  There is a very interesting concept where in order to be able to receive a grant for your business, the property/building that you want to buy you just categorize it as (---deleted-----).  Your are part real estate investor and part business owner!  Now remember you still have to provide the same information as far as business plans, budgets, outlooks/forecasts or whatever the particular grant application process is.  It's a sneeky way to get around something but as long as you are following the terms of the grant then you can apply for it just like everyone else.

For more information about grants, just click here

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The U.S. Department of Agriculture advertising on my local radio station???

I just heard it not a minute ago.  As I have said before I like to listen to the jazz music from one of my local radio stations and I hear the commercial.  It's for the Food Stamp program.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Grant Recipient - Disable Entrepreneur Receives Grant to start his business!

Universal Low Vision Aids
Columbus, OH

Dessie Page

Initial Capitalization:

Sources of Capital:
State Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired

Annual gross sales in excess of $500,000

Number of Employees:
6 full-time employees– many of whom have vision disabilities

Future Goals:
Page is intent on continuing to meet his customers' needs.

Universal Low Vision Aids, Inc. (ULVA) is a Columbus, Ohio-based firm specializing in assistive devices and software for people with print impairments (such as blindness, low vision, and learning disabilities). In addition to product sales, ULVA offers optional on-site installation, system orientation, and technical support. Owner Dessie Page, who has a visual impairment, knows first-hand how crucial these devices are to those who need them. As one of the first participants in the grant program, Page started ULVA with a $10,000 equipment grant.  The equipment enabled him to offer product demonstrations, leading to his initial sales. After that, Page says, "it was sink or swim time." He sought no additional help for the business and has never collected Social Security benefits.  This firm that once operated out of a fledgling office on Page's side porch, now has an accessible office in downtown Columbus where customers can browse the latest equipment. Today, ULVA enjoys gross sales in excess of $500,000 annually. The company serves the entire state of Ohio and has a staff of six–many of whom are people with vision disabilities. While the business has experienced steady growth over the years, Page's focus hasn't changed–he still gets great personal satisfaction from meeting his customers' needs.

And this information comes to you courtesy of the public accessible page of the US Department of Labor!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Here is a typical email asking about grant information

Hi Rose Im M~ and i live in fl im want to open a pet store but my credit isnt going to let me get a loan do you have any ideas or anyone who can help

Of course I have a lot of good ideas but a lot of this will depend on you. Number one you say that you want to open a pet store. Have you anything prepared like a business plan, operating budget? Or do you just want to buy a building and open your pet store?

Will the building be just for your pet store or can you rent some of the other space to others like low-income people or seniors? What kind of background/previous experience do you have? Do you have any veterinarian experience? If so did you know that there is a $15,000 grant to study/research cats if you are a vet or vet student? The foundation that provides this grant was started by a guy who loved his cat. Even if you can't provide study/research, this foundation will also accept proposals that they deem beneficial to cats as a whole.

That also begs the question of what will you be offering in your store. Will it be just pet supplies or will you also be selling pets? If so what kind of pets? This also brings up the question of your age. There is a scholarship and financial funding for an animal school right in your area of Florida - but that is only if you enroll.

If you are talking about operating this as a strictly commercial business then do you want to start with your own business or is there the option of you buying someone else's shop. I saw a quick glance of at least 5 pet stores that are up for sale in Florida ranging in cost from $15K to $99K. If you want to start this kind of business on your own there is a program where you could look into "surplus" property that you may be able to get donated to you or available for "$1".

There is also a grant provided by the government to help increase awareness by either research or development in certain areas which includes animals and they specifically mention about women/disadvantaged owned businesses. The average amount of this grant in the past has been $94K and it is available for for-profit businesses. You will have to read their guidelines but most importantly you will have to submit a proposal that meets with their objectives.

And this only covers one government grant. There are others that may be geared to what you are looking for. There are also grants that are provided by organizations and foundations. There are also quite a few non-profit/charitable organizations that are animal/pet related that you should be looking into as well.

For more information about grants, just click here

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The fastest way to make money is to.....

find a need and fill it.

That's why its suggested to start a business such as daycare/babysitting, cleaning houses or running errands or doing yard work.  These kind of services are always in demand and that means that you stand a better chance of making money more quickly if you are providing something where there is a high demand.

Monday, April 04, 2005

I'm being compared to Matthew Lesko.....

Here is an excerpt:

My reply to a post=Again, its the research I provide and not the grant writing service. No>where on my page do I say that the grant is guarenteed. It is the research>that I am providing for those that want grant information about the>objectives that they are trying to achieve.>

The reply I received=As we figured -- you're another Lesko.>>>

My reply=I really do not mind being compared with Matthew Lesko. I don't work for him and have never met him but I have had him reply to my comments.

From his own words he has said that he originally starting doing grant work for big companies and when he saw how much regular people were missing out he decided to offer his services to them. I have seen the quotes of what Bush said about him and read about his dealings and experiences with the Federal Trade Commission. I have also seen testimonials from those who have gotten grants as a result of the books he sells. I have also seen his website where he recommends that if people don't believe him about government grants or grants of any kind that they can do the research theirselves if they don't believe him - which is exactly the same thing that I am saying so I don't mind being compared to him at all.