Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Is A Graphics Designer?

I found this definition online:

Graphic designers analyze, and create visual solutions to communications issues. They usetheir artistic talent to convey a message across in print, on the Web, electronically, and in film. Graphic designers use a variety of methods to create designs such as color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques.

According to an online article graphics designing is a growing and competitive field! Which means while there is a growing opportunity being a graphics designer there is also a lot of competition for it as well.

However I don't want this to discourage you because there are many opportunities for you to have a career as a graphics designer.

You can start small - by doing designing for businesses and organizations in your local area.

Now I realize that this isn't the kind of career for everybody and you may think that you aren't skilled enough to become a graphics designer. But what does a graphic designer do? Amongst other things they design graphics for both online and offline publications and this can include websites as well! And this is definitely a job that lets you be able to work from home.

Before I started getting involved in grant research I was a webpage designer and my very first client was a neighbor of mine! I designed his family's website! So you never know where your clients can come from!

The best way to get started at this is to become your own first client! Design a logo for your work at home business / career. The next thing to do is to put up a website or blog telling everyone about your business! But don't forget to do offline things as well - like creating a flyer telling about your business.

You can design logos and graphics using the most simplest of software! I have Microsoft Paint program that had already came with my computer and I could even use that to create logos and graphics! Most computers should come with the Microsoft Word program and that has even more options to help you create logos and graphics as well! There are lots of free software programs available online that can help you create and design graphics and logos as well!

There have been quite a few people who have begun their online career as a graphics design artist simply by starting with a website or a blog!