Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Today's Goings On!

Finally got a chance to update my latest webcam picture. I'm still working on streamling my webcam but haven't gotten it exactly right yet!

For some reason I'm having trouble viewing my OWN blog but I can see what it looks like in my newsreader.

Selling My Receipe?

I own a restaurant where I love to cook,while cooking i came up with a way to bake a cake that I've never heard of anyone doing, This method is a sureway of having a moist cake that gauranteed to be moist any kid that can read and follow instruction can make it. i've been trying to get in touch with the cake company, but i haven't had any luck. ( the cakes sales really well at my restautant plus I get lots of orders for the cakes) I haven't given anyone the method of cooking the cakes with the hope of contacting a real live peson some one that would like to consider purchasing the method. I've worked out all the kinks, this is a proven recipe. Can someone out there please help me

Before you contact anyone you will want to take steps to protect your receipe. I have read countless posts by those that have had their idea or invention stolen.

As to getting to the "right" people well if you're really serious about this then this is something you should plan for. You may want to just jump in and talk to anyone you can but since a profit hangs in the balance then you will want to be careful.

Is this the only company that you want to submit your receipe to or do you plan to try others as well?

This is very comparable to those that have invented something and then want to sell it to a big company for a big payoff. It just doesn't always happen like that. You have to prepare yourself BEFOREHAND. And what would really be great is if you could get them to come to YOU as opposed to you going to them!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Selling My Screenplay?

movies.....horror to be you have any resources or links......thx for your time

All the resources that I have are business related and are used as informational resources for the clients that request this specific kind of information. For example there are writers forums that you should take a look at - ones that are legitimate. There are other resources as well and since you mention scripts relating to horror movies there is specific advice to be followed here as well. Some of the things that you should do would really surprise you and some have even found it fun to do the step by step things as well as the actual selling of their screenplay!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Catering Business?

I am a single mother wanting to start my own catering biz. I will be attending culinary class soon and I have already touch basis with suppliers. My church have offered me the use of their kitchen for a small fee but I'm getting nervous on passing out biz cards. Is there more that I should be doing??? Any suggestions would be appreciated

Yes, there is a lot more that you should be doing mainly of which should be having a business plan - a plan for you business! Even though you stated that you wanted to start a catering biz you didn't say specifically what kind. What will be your business objective? What about your business identity? And since your main focus will be getting clients who is going to be your target market? All this information should be included in your business plan. Besides business cards how will you reach your target market/potential clients? Are you going to have an online presence? You can get customers online as well as offline - Have you decided which ways you will use to get your clients? What about the "business" side of your business? Which forms will you use to keep records, accounts payable, accounts receivable, expenses, supplies, taxes and the ever important INCOME!

Here's a tip to get past that nervousness of giving out business cards - How much potential business do you think you would get if you DIDN't have them?

Design a card that will grab a potential client's attention. Something to make your card unique - which can be any number of things. And don't just use business cards - don't forget your promotional and marketing and advertising material as well. Design them the exact same way which means something that will grab a potential client's attention - something that they will remember you by.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Work At Home Example - Tarot Reading!

>>Are there any?<<

Of course there are.

A lot of people swear by companies such as Mary Kay and Avon but I prefer having a business of my own.

Yes there are "work at home" jobs and people are earning a full time living with it. Some people have started their own business selling on Ebay, successful writers, artist and realtors that work from home.

You'd be surprised at what kind of business one can start from their home. Everybody has something about them/something they like or are interested in that they can turn into a business - and then turn it into a successful business!

For example I'm currently reading about a woman that wanted to stay at home with her children. She loved that they knew that she was there at home but the expenses and the bills were a problem. So what did she do? She took her love of Tarot and turned it into a business. She gives Tarot readings online (I'm not talking about MY tarot page - this is someone else).

She accepts payment by credit card and she has done readings for people from as far away as Italy and even Malaysia! In her own words "her sales are growing steadily and she has a list of regulars"

Friday, September 10, 2004

How does it feel to work from home?

It feels great! Don't get me wrong though its not all just sit back and letting the money come in - its WORK! But it's work that I enjoy doing. Plus I do a variety of things. Plus I love "tapping" away on my computer and finding out about a lot of things.

I think I'm a night owl by nature and I love being on the computer until the wee hours of the night - it's fun - and the best part of it is is that it IS part of my business to do so!

I receive email all the time from people that want to work from home. They want to be able to earn a living being a writer, a comic strip writer - even giving psychic readings! Then there are those that want to be a singer or artist - things that you generally associate with doing offline but having a computer certainly helps and there are a lot of things career- related that you can definitely do at home.

The last job I had I hated it so much! I read somewhere that the best time to quit a job is when you hate getting out of bed on Monday morning! Well I was well past that! I hated it! I hated working six days a week and standing on my feet all day! I hated the "politics" of it all, I hated dealing with foul customers and I hated the lousy pay!

So I decided to work from home!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Tarot Readings!

This is something that I got interested in when I was still learning about astrology! I downloaded a tarot program and played around with it by giving myself readings and they were quite accurate! In fact they were so accurate that it was almost scary!

So (besides myself) I did a few reading for others and they were amazed as how accurate the readings were too! So I started a little business doing tarot readings.

My readings are done via email and if you'd like to find out more about them you can just go to my Tarot page at: