Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Grant Basics 101

In order to get non-profit funding you will first have to be an official nonprofit organization.  That is qualifying for those whose donations will be tax-deductible when they donate to you.  That is the first thing that you will have to do.  Of course there are non-profit organizations that don't have the specific non-profit status mentioned above but having this specific status will help you qualify for the governement grants that are specifically for non-profit organizations.Unfortunately I seriously doubt that you have gone through everything about fundraising and grants and grant writing be no one person or organization will ever be able to have all the information.  Programs get cancelled, new ones are created so it is a never ending kind of thing.Logically speaking not every grant resource requires "what have you done lately" but they do require some sort of summary (at least) about your organization and the objective of your organization.  There are some entrepreneurial grants that provide funding for those with a "vision" /dream for an endeavor that will help to make the community (and the world) better.  There is such a one with an award of $100,000!  This isn't the only one.  And while this is certainly an option that you should at least look into more you shouldn't count out grants relating to the objective that you are trying to achieve - especially when it comes to non-profits where there is less of a debate as to whether or not such grants exist.The availability of grants is not just limited to the US.  Canada, the UK, India and Africa have grant programs.  And some don't even require you to live in that particular country.  There is such a thing as "global" grants.  A religious mission got a $50,000 grant to start a camp for children.  This grant didn't come to them they had to find it.  It was the first grant that they ever received so when you really get down to it you don't have to be a past grant recipient to be able to get a grant.

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