Sunday, June 19, 2005

Grants For Starting A Day Care - The questions continues.....

I am looking for information concerning a grant for myself.  I am currently on disablility, but would like to start a home daycare, and care for children with special needs.  I have written the business plan, but need to know where i can go to get the funding.  If there are any  sources for someone who is minority and disabled who would like to start a business, i would appreciate the imediate input, and/or links regarding such a venture.

If you check some of the older posts and the replies given you will see that yours is not the first time someone has posted about daycare - related grants.  Don has posted some information as well as I have and so have a lot of others.  Please go back and read some of them.

Basically finding a grant (or grants) for your particulary case has been done before.  There is a high priority placed on being able to keep the elderly and/or disabled in their own homes (as opposed to them going to some kind of medical facility).  There is a specially emphasis on helping the disabled to be able to be gainfully employed whether it be self employed or them working for someone else.  There is an objective to help provide daycare for those that need it (which is a lot of people/families that need daycare in order for them to be able to go to work).  There's an incentive to better certain economically distressed areas/communities - so much so that if you can demonstrate the need for your services that you want to provide you may be able to get funding because of it.  If you're a woman then the number of your grant resources increase.  If you're a minority (which sometimes "women" are included in that category) then the number of your grant resources increases even more.

While you should have a business plan in place anyway it is best if you first see what application procedures are required before you start submitting.  Each grant entity has their own rules and regulations so you are getting ahead of yourself.

Grants are not a "one size fits all" kind of thing.  Its more of a you have to adhere to our requirements kind of thing.  There is no one place to go and grants are provided by more than one type of entity.  Besides the government grants there are grants from Foundations and Organizations and even big businesses - and as you can imagine that is going to involve a lot of work to find them.

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