Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Webcam - Having Fun With My Webcam!

Yes, I have had a webcam for quite some time. It's a small Logitech webcam and it only reaches so far. I can position it to span around my room or to look out the window. My webcam page is at:

Here is a picture of my cat:

As far as my webcam page goes I still haven't got the streamlining part right - I think its because of my AOL access - but I'm still working on it. I'd love to be able to streamline myself live when I'm on the Internet. I can do it fine when I'm using Yahoo Messenger but I haven't been able to do it with AOL unless I do it the very slow and complicated way of manually taking the picture and then uploading each new picture to my webspace but that way is so slow and so time consuming.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My 3D entry was accepted at Renderosity! - Yeah!

I finally took the time to just have fun with one of my 3D programs and submit an entry to one of Renderosity's Contests. The theme of the contest is "In Your Element" and my submission was a seascape scene because I would love to live near the ocean! That's my element!

Monday, December 20, 2004

"Dreams" and a business plan for them?

So it got me to thinking if a business could be started using one's dreams? Of course the answer is yes but the hard part is specifically how?


If Victoria's Secret can make a living on the edge of 'clean' then anyone can! My concern with your idea would be how would you go about nailing down a business plan. It seems that the connection between the two would have to be dependant on the specific dream of the person involved which would leave you with a very individualized (& expensive) way of manipulating that dream into some form of reality based business.

A one night dress rental would help your social gathering if partnered with a hair stylist and perhaps a health farm/spa business - get ready in a day for the big event. Classes in seduction, make up, flirting etc might also be possible????

Just some thoughts to add onto your own. Good luck!

Thank you for your email

I'm sorry but I don't agree and I know for a fact that you are wrong. A business plan can be made for any type of career - I should know because that is what I do for a living! The connection between the dream and the business plan would depend on what aspect of the dream that you want to turn into a business.

Using your own example above regarding Victoria's Secret - it has to do with the illusions of romance which is a popular market for women (and men too if it is "spun" right). Remember when it all comes down a business plan is a piece of paper with the plans for your business. Simply writing down a business plan is not expensive at all - all you need is some paper and a pencil. The implementation of the plans need not be expensive (at least at the start). There are examples galore of those that have started their own business with little money. And indeed a lot of people don't have a lot of money to start their own business but what they do have is desire. That is enough to get anybody started. What you lack in money you make up for with your time and effort.

I think the point that you are missing is that there are ways used to advertise, promote and market one's business using as less amount of money as possible. The problem seems to be that people just don't know what those ways are or think that it can't be done. I know for a fact that they can. I use them myself and I include them in the business plans that I create for others.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Got the munchies!

I have been snacking while I'm typing at the computer screen. Right now I'm crunching on pork skins. So I have got a bad case of the munchies right now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

XXX-Using your webcam to help you make money.

Yes you can start your own business using your webcam. The obvious ones are using them to show pictures of yourself. You could even start a service where you take requests - for a price of course.

If you have a webcam they are not all that hard to make use of. Streamlining video on your own webpage is a bit more complicated but its not impossible. Others are doing the exact same thing using their own websites.

While this is something that not everyone will want to do it sure is something to consider if you like showing yourself off on the Internet.

Comments Received

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posted By Anonymous on XXX-Using your webcam to help you make money.

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Computer Advice #1 - BACK UP YOUR FILES!

I'm still relatively new to rss feeds and news feeds but just yesterday I lost all my news feed links to the blogs that I subscribe to. So now I have to get them back! I had about 20 of them but now I have to remember what they were so that I can re-enter their links.

So let this be a lesson to you - BACK UP YOUR FILES!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Creating and selling your ebook!

I was wondering if anyone has experience with making e-books? Would you share your help on this subject? Also does anyone have any help they would offer using Adobe Acrobat to make an e-book? You can e-mail me off line if you would like. I have gone to the Acrobat website trying to find information on this subject, but that is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you know what I mean? Please any help I sure would appreciate.

You do not need to have Adobe Acrobat to create and distribute your ebook. Sure the program is popular but you don't HAVE to have it or use it. You are just making this too complicated.

Basic theory behind an ebook is this - You write the book and then you sell the book. Theoretically speaking you can write (type) the book using notepad! I have seen many sites sell their ebook in notepad form. The business plans that I make for people can be considered something similar to an ebook in that they are deliverable by electronic means but they can also be delivered via the regular "snail" mail method as well.

And even better you can use a non-Acrobat way to create and distribute your ebook WHILE you learn Acrobat's program. Again I say you're just making it too complicated. Use what you already have to get what you want.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Taking time out for a little creativity!

I decided to enter one of Renderosity's graphic contest/challenges. The theme of the contest is "in my element" which for me is the beach! Although I live about 70 miles from the closest beach I really love the idea of living at the beach! So I fished out my Terragen program to create my graphic. Teragen is a 3D graphic program that creates landscapes. Land masses and water masses (for my beach scene) can be made using this program.

Now one of my mistakes was thinking that I was going to finish creating my landscape (or should I say beach scene) in one sitting! I know that having patience is an assest but you know how it goes - guess I must have gotten too excited and wanted to get it done in one sitting. But at least I realized that if I wanted to do it good and right that I should take my time and do it that way! So, so far I have created the beach scene. Now I want to do some post work on it.

Some of the fun should be in the actual creating of the scene. And while Teragen can create the landscape and the water mass there is still the small matter of creating the right surface - in my case sand -

As far as 3D graphics are concerned I want to do it all! I'm becoming more interested in modeling characters - both human and non-human - now talk about a lot of detailed work - that is a lot. I also want to be able to model and design hair and clothing for the characters that I create. Wow - talk about ambition!

But its a lot of fun creating them too

Monday, December 06, 2004

Selling Ebooks Online?

You asked: What you haven't mentioned is how you are going to let people know  that the book is available for sale.

My answer is, don't really know. My thinking was a web site and e-bay.  I thought ebay would send them to my web site.  I don't have a web site I would need to build one.  Also my thinking was if I built a web site that I'd advertise my web site address on my truck as I drive 110 miles a day round trip too and from work and I am on 2 (two) major freeways in the Dallas TX area.

Do you write and sale ebooks?

Also my computer is an 80's model, can't write to a CD.

Thanks for your email.

I do sell an Ebook about how to add music to your website.  I also do tarot readings by email so in a way that is an Ebook too.  

You don't need a CD-RW to sell an ebook.

Depending on what your ebook is about you first should define your target market which is who is mostly likely to buy your ebook?  Then you market/go to where they are.  You can do this offline as well as online but online you will reach more potential customers.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Working from home doing data entry?

I would be interested in doing data entry for ANYBODY from my home.

If you need work done or know someone or know of a business that needs work done, I would appreciate hearing from you.

My very first webpage client was a neighbor of mine. My very first business card client was someone I knew at my local supermarket.

Just think of the term "data entry" and what it means. Entering data for other people and/or other businesses. The very first thing that you should do (I know that it may seem like a hassle but believe me it does work) is to make yourself your very first customer. How are people going to know that you are in business unless you let them know? And your local area is a great place to start! People tend to overlook the resources that they already have around them when they are trying to start their own business. If you're really serious about wanting to work at home and doing data entry work the very first thing that you will need is the DESIRE to do so. I think its safe to say that almost every business started out this way - which is the simple desire to do so.

Just look at your own post. It clearly states what you want to do and it also gives a hint with the word "anybody". Usually when I consult with people that want to start their own business I tell them to define their target market first and then go after them. In the case of your post I would kind of say the same thing but the fact that the advice about starting local was given I think that this would be a great place for you to start. What you should do is assess your local area!

Number two you should have a business plan. Having one is always advised - one of the most important reasons why is because if you really want to start a business working out of your home than you will have to acquaint yourself with the BUSINESS side of running a business. Starting a business from home and getting clients and customers who are actually paying you and you are actually earning a living from it is enough to spur anyone into wanting to start their own business but its going to take more than that to keep a business going.