Monday, July 12, 2004

My First Post!


Hello World!

This is Rose here trying to join the Blogging craze!

I would love to have one of those blogs with the calendar on the side so I'm still looking on how to get one of those!

I currently work from home and I am so glad that I do! It was tough making this decision but I'm glad I did it! Now I help and show others how they can work from home too. But I also do other stuff besides. I do web pages and graphics. I also do tarot readings! It's fun (and from what people have told me the readings have been quite accurate). You can see more by going to my Tarot


Rose said...

Actually I have come to find one of those kind of blgos that lets me have one of those calendars on the side. Now I'd like to have one that lets me have categories so that my posts can be listed by category. This is something that blogger doesn't provide - does it?

Rose said...

well I can't believe that its been 5 years since I posted this! But now gives me the option of having categories called "Lables" which I hope makes it much easier to navigate around this blog when you are looking for certain specific topics.