Sunday, November 07, 2004

Reveiw-Movie-The Associate

I guess a lot of people would think this movie is kind of campy but I enjoyed it. It has a lot of similarities that a lot of people can relate to. I won't give away all the details - for those that may want to see the movie.

Whoppie Goldberg plays Laural who works for an investment type company and works her way up. The company then hires a younger man who she trains and he gets promoted and he is now her boss! That is just too much for her to take and she quits her job and decides to start her own business. (I love the part when as she tells her boss that she quits he tells her "it's cold out there" meaning that no matter how they treat her she should stay there).

Well, Laura decides to start her own company. She's built up a reputation so she thinks that will help her. Well, it doesn't. She calls and calls and tries to drum up some customers but as she puts it she is being "blown off". So she resigns herself and considers going back to her old job. However a lucky break helps her gets her first commission. This "lucky" break doesn't come easily though and she makes up a little lie. Well, after she gets her first commission its not too long before she is on her way successfully. But the "lie" has become more harder and harder to maintain and eventually she has to "face" it.

As I said before I liked this movie and could see some very real similarities in it for not just myself but for those that are also in the same kind of position. Usually in movies there's sort of a "miracle cure" solution or the kind of solution that isn't realistic but not so in this movie - in my honest opinion.

How would you feel if the person that you helped train was made your boss? How would you feel if you tried to make a go of it own your own only to get discouraged to the point where you seriously considered going back to the job you left?

There are many realistic aspects to this movie

  • her deciding to quit her job

  • her deciding to start a business of her own

  • her struggle to get that first client

  • the fact that she lies to get that first client - would you do the same?

For those of you that are considering starting your own business you may view this movie as only for entertainment purposes. Indeed there may be those of you that won't like the movie at all. But from the standpoint of it being a "business" movie it definitely qualifies and for those of you that are just curious about "striking out on your own" you may want to take a look at it.

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