Friday, November 12, 2004

Reviewing and critiquing websites? - How Did I Get Involved?


Just wanted to ask how you got involved in review/critiques?? Is this something you do totally online?? How would someone get into it?? I ask because it sounds very interesting doing research for different things. My daughter and I already do research for ourselves for different things. Your site is very interesting also. It's nice to meet you through JavaJane.

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Thank you for your email.

Getting involved with reviewing web sites just came about from my designing websites. It's just an example how one career can branch into another. It can be done both offline and online - meaning it can start as a local business but of course you will need a computer and Internet access.

The "research" thing came about because I was always doing it anyway so I decided to add that as part of my business services. It's something I have been doing for quite some time now.

(I also kind of get the feeling that you would be interested to know that I do have one of those programs that lets you talk while it types. It's a great program and I use it in my business. The program is a few years old and they have probably come up with more better programs but it still works for me just fine.

I just got a research job starting this month! The job really is a report-analysis kind of thing. I'll be watching and analyzing the TV series "Charmed". It's a show about three sisters that are witches and the research comes in in that how it compares to real witches and witchcraft. It really helps that I have already watched this program but I intend to go through all of the episodes up to season 3.

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