Saturday, December 11, 2004

Creating and selling your ebook!

I was wondering if anyone has experience with making e-books? Would you share your help on this subject? Also does anyone have any help they would offer using Adobe Acrobat to make an e-book? You can e-mail me off line if you would like. I have gone to the Acrobat website trying to find information on this subject, but that is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you know what I mean? Please any help I sure would appreciate.

You do not need to have Adobe Acrobat to create and distribute your ebook. Sure the program is popular but you don't HAVE to have it or use it. You are just making this too complicated.

Basic theory behind an ebook is this - You write the book and then you sell the book. Theoretically speaking you can write (type) the book using notepad! I have seen many sites sell their ebook in notepad form. The business plans that I make for people can be considered something similar to an ebook in that they are deliverable by electronic means but they can also be delivered via the regular "snail" mail method as well.

And even better you can use a non-Acrobat way to create and distribute your ebook WHILE you learn Acrobat's program. Again I say you're just making it too complicated. Use what you already have to get what you want.

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