Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Working from home doing data entry?

I would be interested in doing data entry for ANYBODY from my home.

If you need work done or know someone or know of a business that needs work done, I would appreciate hearing from you.

My very first webpage client was a neighbor of mine. My very first business card client was someone I knew at my local supermarket.

Just think of the term "data entry" and what it means. Entering data for other people and/or other businesses. The very first thing that you should do (I know that it may seem like a hassle but believe me it does work) is to make yourself your very first customer. How are people going to know that you are in business unless you let them know? And your local area is a great place to start! People tend to overlook the resources that they already have around them when they are trying to start their own business. If you're really serious about wanting to work at home and doing data entry work the very first thing that you will need is the DESIRE to do so. I think its safe to say that almost every business started out this way - which is the simple desire to do so.

Just look at your own post. It clearly states what you want to do and it also gives a hint with the word "anybody". Usually when I consult with people that want to start their own business I tell them to define their target market first and then go after them. In the case of your post I would kind of say the same thing but the fact that the advice about starting local was given I think that this would be a great place for you to start. What you should do is assess your local area!

Number two you should have a business plan. Having one is always advised - one of the most important reasons why is because if you really want to start a business working out of your home than you will have to acquaint yourself with the BUSINESS side of running a business. Starting a business from home and getting clients and customers who are actually paying you and you are actually earning a living from it is enough to spur anyone into wanting to start their own business but its going to take more than that to keep a business going.

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