Monday, November 29, 2004

Business Idea #041128 - Dreams?

I just got finishing answering yet another post about that "dream" Internet job and one of the things that I said was that first you have to define what your "dream" job is and then turn that into a business.  I also replied that I have seen successful and income-producing websites by people that are selling everything from candles to astrology and tarot readings.

So it got me to thinking if a business could be started using one's dreams?  Of course the answer is yes but the hard part is specifically how?  And it is hard to come up with something but one of the most obvious is writing.  How would one put dreams and writing together? I'll have to use one of my dreams as an example )-:

The first dream that I thought of was one that could be best described as not G rated - maybe R rated (-;

To make it clean I must have had a crush on a TV character (and a million dollars wouldn't even get me to tell you!) and it entered into my dreams.  Now if I was going to turn this into a business I would first start a website with a "guessing" game kind of thing so that people could guess who the character was?  That would be fun and it would keep visitors coming back to the page just to see the results.  It would spur others to talk about their similar dreams - this whole kind of thing could be turned into a newsletter and/or club/group sort of thing.  While charging for it might be an option I was thinking more along the lines of advertisings.  Again to keep it clean this particular dream best relates to Valentine's Day and romance - do you think that you could sell that to potential advertisers?  My specific dream can be related to the way a woman dresses, her hair, parties and social gatherings (although in my specific dream it was a professional gathering) and to put it quite frankly the "art of seduction" - which would be a good selling point and a good enough reason to give that subscription thing a try.  Do you think women (or men for that matter) would pay for a "seduction" newsletter kind of thing? What about advertisers?

I'll leave you to your own thoughts......................(-:

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