Friday, September 17, 2004

Catering Business?

I am a single mother wanting to start my own catering biz. I will be attending culinary class soon and I have already touch basis with suppliers. My church have offered me the use of their kitchen for a small fee but I'm getting nervous on passing out biz cards. Is there more that I should be doing??? Any suggestions would be appreciated

Yes, there is a lot more that you should be doing mainly of which should be having a business plan - a plan for you business! Even though you stated that you wanted to start a catering biz you didn't say specifically what kind. What will be your business objective? What about your business identity? And since your main focus will be getting clients who is going to be your target market? All this information should be included in your business plan. Besides business cards how will you reach your target market/potential clients? Are you going to have an online presence? You can get customers online as well as offline - Have you decided which ways you will use to get your clients? What about the "business" side of your business? Which forms will you use to keep records, accounts payable, accounts receivable, expenses, supplies, taxes and the ever important INCOME!

Here's a tip to get past that nervousness of giving out business cards - How much potential business do you think you would get if you DIDN't have them?

Design a card that will grab a potential client's attention. Something to make your card unique - which can be any number of things. And don't just use business cards - don't forget your promotional and marketing and advertising material as well. Design them the exact same way which means something that will grab a potential client's attention - something that they will remember you by.

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