Friday, December 10, 2004

Taking time out for a little creativity!

I decided to enter one of Renderosity's graphic contest/challenges. The theme of the contest is "in my element" which for me is the beach! Although I live about 70 miles from the closest beach I really love the idea of living at the beach! So I fished out my Terragen program to create my graphic. Teragen is a 3D graphic program that creates landscapes. Land masses and water masses (for my beach scene) can be made using this program.

Now one of my mistakes was thinking that I was going to finish creating my landscape (or should I say beach scene) in one sitting! I know that having patience is an assest but you know how it goes - guess I must have gotten too excited and wanted to get it done in one sitting. But at least I realized that if I wanted to do it good and right that I should take my time and do it that way! So, so far I have created the beach scene. Now I want to do some post work on it.

Some of the fun should be in the actual creating of the scene. And while Teragen can create the landscape and the water mass there is still the small matter of creating the right surface - in my case sand -

As far as 3D graphics are concerned I want to do it all! I'm becoming more interested in modeling characters - both human and non-human - now talk about a lot of detailed work - that is a lot. I also want to be able to model and design hair and clothing for the characters that I create. Wow - talk about ambition!

But its a lot of fun creating them too

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