Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Selling My Receipe?

I own a restaurant where I love to cook,while cooking i came up with a way to bake a cake that I've never heard of anyone doing, This method is a sureway of having a moist cake that gauranteed to be moist any kid that can read and follow instruction can make it. i've been trying to get in touch with the cake company, but i haven't had any luck. ( the cakes sales really well at my restautant plus I get lots of orders for the cakes) I haven't given anyone the method of cooking the cakes with the hope of contacting a real live peson some one that would like to consider purchasing the method. I've worked out all the kinks, this is a proven recipe. Can someone out there please help me

Before you contact anyone you will want to take steps to protect your receipe. I have read countless posts by those that have had their idea or invention stolen.

As to getting to the "right" people well if you're really serious about this then this is something you should plan for. You may want to just jump in and talk to anyone you can but since a profit hangs in the balance then you will want to be careful.

Is this the only company that you want to submit your receipe to or do you plan to try others as well?

This is very comparable to those that have invented something and then want to sell it to a big company for a big payoff. It just doesn't always happen like that. You have to prepare yourself BEFOREHAND. And what would really be great is if you could get them to come to YOU as opposed to you going to them!

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