Saturday, November 06, 2004

Washing the dishes?

I posted on one of the AOL Work at Home message boards that one could start a business that had to do with washing the dishes. I thought that I would elaborate on this more because one of the people that read and replied to message didn't believe it.

Well believe it!

I came up with this idea when I was thinking about those that have emailed me and said that they wanted to start a business of their own but that they didn't know where to start. So I took an activity that someone does and used it as a business idea for one to start.

All right - Can I start a business that has to do with washing dishes? The answer is Yes! What if you hate washing dishes but you know it is a necessary evil and that it has to be done. So take the fact that you hate washing dishes and turn it into a business of your own!

Now one of the ways that this can be done is to start a newsletter! If you can't think of a name just call it the "I Hate Washing The Dishes! Newsletter. Do you know how many people hate washing the dishes! Why not turn it into a business? You may be able to even start your own "I Hate Washing The Dishes!" club. If you think that's a silly idea then you should take a look at the different kind of clubs that are already out there!

What would you need to start a business like this? Well you have to have a general hate of washing dishes! So far so good? What next? Well its going to be a newsletter right so you will need a computer so you can reach more people - which also means that you will also have to have Internet access. The next thing you need to do is have supplies so that you can write (or type) down your thoughts and what will go into your newsletter. I always think its best to just get some writing paper and sit down somewhere quiet and start writing. It's better to write it down and then type it after you have refined it. And what will you write? Start with "I hate washing dishes because....." and go from there! You might be surprised at what information will flow from you once you finish writing that first sentence!

Now you probably want to know where the "income" will come from right? Well let's just say (for the moment) that you don't think anyone will pay to subscribe to a newsletter about washing dishes. The next thing would be for you to have advertisers and/or sponsors for your newsletter. How do you get them? Well let's say you include in your newsletter what type of dishwashing liquid you use. Include why you use it! Is it your regular product or just something you got that was on sale? Invite others to send in their favorites and or the ones that they hate. How interested do you think that the makers of these products would be in knowing about how their customers feel about their products? Interested enough to advertise?

Once you start you can branch out into so many areas. You could even include an offline version of your newsletter so that those that don't have a computer would be able to read it. Computers come with enough word processing software that you can create an attractive looking newsletter. You don't need the most latest wordprocessing software with the most "bells and whistles" to start your newsletter. You just need DESIRE!

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