Monday, December 06, 2004

Selling Ebooks Online?

You asked: What you haven't mentioned is how you are going to let people know  that the book is available for sale.

My answer is, don't really know. My thinking was a web site and e-bay.  I thought ebay would send them to my web site.  I don't have a web site I would need to build one.  Also my thinking was if I built a web site that I'd advertise my web site address on my truck as I drive 110 miles a day round trip too and from work and I am on 2 (two) major freeways in the Dallas TX area.

Do you write and sale ebooks?

Also my computer is an 80's model, can't write to a CD.

Thanks for your email.

I do sell an Ebook about how to add music to your website.  I also do tarot readings by email so in a way that is an Ebook too.  

You don't need a CD-RW to sell an ebook.

Depending on what your ebook is about you first should define your target market which is who is mostly likely to buy your ebook?  Then you market/go to where they are.  You can do this offline as well as online but online you will reach more potential customers.

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