Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm looking for typing work at home......

Rose - I am a retired AA - looking for typing work at home. I have typed manuscripts and would like to continue doing this but it seems with everyone proficient on the computer there is not a demand for typists. I understand, from some of the things posted on your site, that there are people out there who would like typing done - how do I contact them. Can you help me.

Thank you for your email.

As strange as it may seem there is still a demand for computer work like typing and graphic designs even though a lot of people have computers that come with very good word processing and graphics programs. So there is work out there.

So as a person that wants to work from home what you have to do is find them! I don't know whether or not you want to do this as a means for extra income or if you want to make a business from it but the process is still the same. Since I do work from home myself and do business consulting for others that want to start a business of their own it has given me the chance to see how many resources there are to help one start their own business - but they always seem to overlook them or don't think that anything can be done with it. A lot of people have started their own business starting with little money and what they lack in money they make up for with time and effort.

Relating specifically to you and your email you have to realize that while a lot of people have a computer they still don't want to "work", they don't have the time to do it and lastly some of them just don't want to do it. You'd be surprised at the number of people I know that have the latest computer but don't "work" it.

If typing is the area that you want to start making income from the first thing that you will have to do is to define your target market. Who is most likely to need and buy your services? Then you target to them. Is just straight typing the only kind of work that you want to do? There are many jobs that fall into the area of typing but let's target specifically the kind of typing you mentioned above. You talk about manuscripts - then what you would do is target to those dealing with manuscripts. Since delivery may be a major concern (at least at the start) you should first concentrate on your local area. There are at list 6 possible businesses/clients that I can think of in my own immediate area that would need typing services but I have to let them know that I'm "open" for business. This is the same thing that you will have to do - let them know that you are open for business. This is why a business plan is always recommended for those that want to start a business of their own. It is better to have a step by step plan and process as opposed to just "come what may". You're going to have to have some knowledge of the "business" side of business such as how you will bill them, what rates you will charge, what kind of form you will use to charge them with, supplies (accounts payable) plus you will want to have a plan for marketing, promoting and advertising your business which you have to do on a regular basis to keep your business going.

Since your primary main focus will be on getting clients you will want to concentrate most of your energies on this. And like I said above the best place to start would be in your local immediate area. One of my first regular clients was someone I knew at my local supermarket. I didn't pressure him or anything but when he asked what I did I told him and he had some work for me. Now he is a continuing client. This is but one example of letting people know that you're out there and open for business. Another resource that is often overlooked is one's own local newspaper! Hardly any of the people that have sent me mail about starting their own business have even thought of that! This is just one example of a common thing that should be used as a resource but isn't and buying one local paper is something that most people can afford. Even if they couldn't afford to buy a local paper there are just too many other resources that can be used but are for the most part ignored!

So to answer your question I'm assuming you are at the beginning of getting started looking for clients and the best place for you to start is to start with your immediate area. Once you follow the steps for that and start getting your first clients then you can branch out to potential clients that are farther away and even work your way up to using the Internet to reach more people. (Yes you can have Internet clients that need typing work - because its being done by others! - I'm talking about legitimate jobs that involve typing for businesses and individuals!)

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