Friday, September 16, 2005

Would You Believe that there is already a grant to help Katrina Survivors?

A grant has been awarded to one of the centers to help aid the Katrina victims.  The aid includes assistance for rent, utilities, temporary shelter plus counseling is also provided. 

Unfortunately the organization does not have a website or email address provided so they will have to be reached by regular mail or by phone.


Bill Gretch said...

I am looking for help to rebuild my home that was completely distroyed from Katrina. I do not have enough funds since the insurance company is not paying off on the policy. I would like to get grants if possible from whatever source I can. I would like to rebuild as green as possibe but will do whatever is expected of me. Any help from anywhere would be great. Thanks everone

Rose said...

Were you able to find the help that you needed?