Friday, September 02, 2005

Grants! - Even Judge Mathis has mentioned them on his show!

I meant to add this to my blog but even Judge Mathis with his "court" show has mentioned grants for students.  What he said was to a younger person who said that they were attempting to get into college but that they didn't have enough money and what Judge Mathis said (and he said it matter-of-factly as if every student knew this) that they should get a grant.  He suggested getting a grant to pay for 80 percent of the tuition and then getting the rest in student loans.  (I could make an argument for getting scholarships and foundation grants for the other 20 percent but that's another debate for another time)

What you should do first is look to the university that you want to attend.  Find out from there financial office what kinds of funding they provide and what other funding resources they provide.  Then depending on what courses/subject matter you will be taking then you can look into grants/funding/scholarships that are offered in the  subjects/career which you want to partake in.  Don't think that it may not exist for you because I have seen student related funding programs for everything from astrology to zoology!  I remember one particular student grant program provides for a student to travel to France - all expenses paid plus they get a stipend and medical  insurance.  Why is this funding program in place?  Basically its because France wants to show that their schools/colleges are just as good as those in the US. 

So try to find as much funding as you can to be able to pay for your entire tuition.

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