Thursday, September 01, 2005

Witch Receives Grant!

This comes from an article in a student newspapper from a very popular university.  Outside of the United States a witch has received over $7,000 to fund her business.  And what is her business?  Consulting!  That's right.  Of course she had to promise not to do any "spells" on anyone.  But what she can do (and is going to do) is to teach magic, give seminars, tell fortunes and will be using some of her grant money to make an ointment to help her customers more.

It's really ironic since in the past the "government" has burned witches at the stake.  At the moment I'm currently getting more information about this but what I can tell you is that this woman submitted her business plan and was chosen for the grant because (in the words of the organization giving the grant) she had provided a "well thought out" plan.

This just furthers what my gut and instincts have thought all along.  So many people talk about how there are no grants - especially for business - and the above information just proves them more wrong.  The one thing about this woman is that she applied for the grant!  She actually went through the whole process and for her it paid off!

I also like this story because it is one of those "out of the ordinary" stories but more importantly it is another great example of someone who has started their own business - no matter how unusual and/or "out of the norm" it was!

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