Sunday, September 25, 2005

Grant(s) For Pornography?

OK, this has definitely got to come under the heading "I must love a challenge!"

I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised by someone asking me about there being any available grants to start a pornography business.  After all and not too long ago I posted about a witch receiving a grant to start her own business - so really why should this surprise me?  But it did.  Guess what surprised me more?  The fact that a non-profit organization got a $160,000.00 grant to help educate parents about how to protect their children against Internet Porn.  Of course child pornography is illegal and any steps to help bring the illegal parties to light are candidates for grant funding(s)!  How about that!  Isn't that something?  And its not just limited to child pornography because it also includes the illegal aspects of men and women as well - being exploited.

Actually this kind of news just further shows that I was right in that where there is a concern there is probably a funding source for it.  Add to it that we are talking about something that is illegal and has to do with children then that just means that the funding resources increase.

Let's say that you are quite adept at the computer and wanted to start a business at home using the computer (which is something that you are good at).  You can either start it as a non-profit or a non-profit branch of your for-profit.  You have a real concern for the exploitation of children and want to help as much as possible.  You want to bring a greater awareness to this problem and/or help parents to ferret out as much of this stuff as possible or even help turn in some of the illegal sites - even help the police - Did you know that there is funding for that?

Now I know what some of you might be thinking and that is "Well that's all fine and well but what about funding/grants for an actual porn site?"  Well don't worry - this has intrigued me enough to find out if even this is possible - never say never!

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