Friday, September 30, 2005

Grant for starting a towing business?


This is going to be very harsh and I guess I'll be the one to say it........

The number one thing that you are going to have to do is to have a professional business appearance.  I can understand the occassional typo error and I can understand how one would "rush" to try and get their point across.  But when you are dealing with others on a professional basis you have to present a profession identity.  Even when dealing with applying for any kind of grant you will want to appear professional.

With that being said.............

You have to understand some basic things about grants (and going through the process of applying and being awarded them) and the first thing is is that there is no one place to "get" a grant.

It's all going to depend on how you "structure" your business.  Have you any kind of business plan at all?  How much do you need and more importantly what are you going to use the monies for?  What about staff?  There are government grant programs that provide funding for training employees and there are additional funding programs if you hire low-incomed, disabled and other specific groups.  Are you saying that you are going to start the towing business yourself?  Do you have any of the equipment (or even customers) yet or are you basically starting from scratch. 

You are not going to get any kind of grant funding with just a one line statement.  Even the most minimum of a grant application is a letter of intent and that is going to be definitely more than one line (if you even want to stand the chance of being considered for a grant).

Now let's talk about your post specifically.  A woman who is a minority well there is a competition that happens annually and it is being run by a very big business.  Basically you submit your business plan and 5 are chosen to receive a $20,000 grant.  Past recipients of this grant award were a woman who started her own film company and someone who started a catering company.  This kind of thing falls under the category of what I call entrepreneurial grants - and there are more of them out there. 

Another thought comes to mind and that is how close are you to the Katrina affected area?  Why do I ask?  Because for the last four days I have been reading and hearing on television about all of the needed work and businesses that are being contracted to provide services.  I can't tell you how many businesses (and organizations) have received grant monies to provide services.

Another thought comes to mind - where do you live?  You don't have to be specific and give me your exact address but a city and state would do nicely!  Why do I ask?  Because if you can structure your business to help the community that you live in then you stand a better chance of getting grant funding(s).  Also too, sometimes the area itself will have a specific funding program in place.

And to that the fact that you are a woman and a minority your number of funding resources increase by a whole lot. 

So to answer your question - where you go to get a grant will depend on your business's structure and basic information!

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