Sunday, September 04, 2005

Question - How/Where Do I Start?

hello again, i need to find someone to do what? You said subscriber how do i do that i've never done this and i don't really know who to talk to. Can you give me some ideas of who to find or talk to. Thanks again

OK, I went back and looked at the previous email that you sent me so that I have a general idea of what you are talking about. (By the way you should note the above sentence and note that THIS is one of the reasons why I and others always suggest a business plan because amongst other things it shows that you should keep and maintain records!)

Back to your comment above: Basically you are asking "How" and the answer is to start with a plan! I suggested to you about starting a newsletter about being a parent and raising kids - well this is something that you have experience in - WRITE IT DOWN! That is the start and foundation of your newsletter! You start there! What time do you have to get up? Why? What is the first thing you have to do in the morning? Why? etc....................What information do you think parents would like to know? I can think of a lot of them! You're a parent - what kind of information do you wish you had?

When you don't know where to start one of your best bets is to start locally. Are there parents in your area? Make up a flyer about your newsletter. If there's some local rule about not putting flyers in peoples' mailbox then put them somewhere else! Can't make or don't know how to make a flyer? I really doubt that! I helped someone pass out flyers and his flyer was done by hand! You can (and I have) make a flyer using the most basic wordprocessing program!

Now here is where and why a business plan is advised. How are people going to contact you? What kind of newsletter will you have? What form will it take? How will you deliver it? Online? Offline? Or both? What about advertisers? And lets talk about advertisers for a moment - What kind of advertisers would parents be interested in? Do you see where I'm going here! Make a business plan! The sooner you plan your business the sooner you can start your business!

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